Upgrades still in voting after 1-2 months

You cant play because you dont have waypoints in your area, not because they are in hotels. The waypoints in hotels do not hinder you playability, the lack of waypoints do.

Yeah it’s politics. Just because you agree with it doesn’t make it non political

You still haven’t told me where the line is

It’s private property that only a few rich people who have paid to have access and keep others out that unrelated people live at just like my place

That’s true but there’s waypoints just there I can see them in the map but because the hotel is exclusive I can’t play and there’s hundreds of submissions they just have no one to review because [see above]

I agree with what? Its not politics because its not political in most areas in the world. Please view this rule outside of your little bubble.

Ive stated it mutiple times. That you fail to comprehend it is something else.

Thats your 1 single example… this is not true outside your bubble.

Nah mate all you done is say the same thing and not provide any clarification as to what exactly makes a gated community and why they have the privilege

Yeah it’s politics and so much of the rules are as we don’t all live like usa

But now you’ve also insulted me, I’d have probably been around this planet 2x before you where born so do think about your own little bubble

What makes a gated community is the zoning and or the set up to host separate living spaces. I’ve already said this. Why they have the privilege, because they have communal areas just like any other eligible communal area. Whether its behind a gate or not does not matter regardless of financial status.

You see @majanomad , this for example was a completely incorrect assumption (and single-family private residential property is an official wayfarer term), so I would like to once again strongly encourage you to stop assigning political opinions to people, this is really not what this forum is for and I would hate for a discussion about how to support underserved areas to be shut down because of this. Also, can we please stop going in circles?

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So yeah I’ve got one guy in the pool house one in the shed and another in the granny flat and we meet at the pool, so we meet all your criteria.

Ahh do I need a security guard?

Zoning means nothing outside the 1st world

Do try to see the world outside your own politics even if the “rules” agree with them

If we have one rule for the world then it should not just be 1st world politics that set them

This whole thing stinks of double standards

And you’ve done nothing to say why it is except “it’s the rules” and no admit to the rules being set be usa cultural norms

It’s great that you think your politics are normal but if you actually want to address this your going to have to re evaluate them as they don’t reflection most of the world

Its not my criteria, its Niantics criteria. My turn to ask why you havent addressed my question. How do waypoints in a limited access area hinder our game play?

Yeah ok I see I won’t be able to make progress with you on that.

So when that’s all there is I can’t play.
When the only raid gym is there I can’t play
In ingress they can field from there making it so, yes, I can’t play

The fist 2 points there are irrelevant as the issue is really lack of waypoints to you. Inaccessible waypoints dont change anything.
The 3rd point is the only one where Ingress players will sympathize… but thats an issue with any limited access area globally. Ingress game play has adjusted in recent years to alleviate this problem.

If it’s where the raid is happening it’s a problem and I can’t play and the privilege gets them players an advantage

How has ingress address this?

Not all raids are accessible to everyone. Its not about privilege. Again with waypoints actually accessible to you, this would not matter and would not affect your game play.
Ingress has adjusted game play to allow fielding within fields.

@majanomad I think it is good to let Niantic know how hard it is to play the game where you are. I think it is bad to accuse of bias because it is hard.

Hard is one thing but being able to see the only thing in town trying to get to it only to be told I’m not rich enough to access it is a total different story

@NianticAaron Could it be possible for you to take a look at my nomination that is stuck Upgraded-In voting for more than 1 month now ? An upgraded nomination never takes more than 1 week here to get a result.
The upgrade was done when a global problem was ongoing in early April. I’m afraid this nomination will behave like a normal one now, taking months/years with a wasted upgrade.
Here are the details :
Title : Hommage à Jacques Mautret
Coords : 45.7519915,4.8211869 (approximative)
IGN : SerialKinder
Date submittted : April 3rd
Date upgraded : April 3rd or 4th
Date status changed to In voting : around 1 month ago

Thanks a lot !

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