My Nomination Disappeared from my Contribution List?


Today I went to check on the status of my first nomination. I submitted it on april 3rd for “Activate Winnipeg West”. However, it no longer shows in my contribution list at all, which is now empty. When I check my profile, it says I have 2 “accepted nominations” - one of which I assume is the route I have made, the other is the nomination in question - but I never received an email telling me that this nomination has been formally accepted, and the nomination is completely gone from my list now.

I just wanted to inquire as to what’s going on. Should I resubmit my nomination? Was it accepted like my profile totals suggest, and I should just wait for it to reappear?

There is no corresponding stop in pokemon go for the nomination I made if it was accepted, though I do understand that not all accepted nominations will appear in game.

Just looking for clarity as to the status of my nomination, and guidance as to how I should proceed.

EDIT: It appears to be working again, and has shown back up. It looks like maybe I had an instance of the website still open from before some changes were made, which caused an issue. Upon reloading my browser completely fresh, it’s showing up just fine now.


I see that the nomination in question is in voting. Could you please provide a screenshot off your contribution management page through DM?

You know y’all just broke the entire website a couple minutes ago, right?

If you haven’t signed out and back in it remains broken.

No, your profile is your stats as a reviewer, not as a submitter. It means that out of all the nominations you’ve reviewed, you voted to accept 2 of them and those acceptances were in agreement with other people who voted on those nominations. Also, Routes are completely unrelated to Wayfarer.

@NianticAaron I’ve seen a few reports of issues with wayfarer on the wayfarer subreddit (see here for the thread in question), so I’m wondering if the issue being experienced by @SundressSeason is related to that.

This actually was the issue for me! After signing back in a second time, it’s appearing again.

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Thank you for the clarification as to what the nominations accepted means!

Yes, looks like it. This has been flagged to the team.