Wayfarer App and its use

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Split from the edit contributions topic - the context of this post is around edits on contributions page.

Can this please include edits submitted through the Wayfarer app? You don’t even get email notifications about those. And your AI robot ignores those. I’ve done tiny spelling/cap corrections and they don’t quickly get approved but instead go through the voting system.


The App is only meant to be used for submissions by developers or ambassadors . So you shouldn’t be submitting edits via the app.


To add @elijustrying’s point, the Wayfarer app is not linked to your usual Wayfarer/Pokémon GO/Ingress account, so you would not see anything appear in your Contributions from the app.

It is also due to be demised soon.


Obviously you don’t know much about the app. I have way more edits get approved way faster using the Wayfarer app than the games.

Edits submitted through the games take years to go through. I have a LOT of edits made through the WYfarer app that only took a few weeks or less to be approved.

Obviously as an Ambassador I’m permitted to use the app and do so. I am familiar with it.

To repeat unless you are a developer or Ambassador you shouldn’t be using the app for submitting nominations or edits. There was a clear statement about this.
The app is being deprecated. Anything you have done via the app won’t be pulled over as there is no current link.


100% incorrect, again. As the title/description/location edit suggestions pass the exact same review system as the ones made through the games, they then show up in the games.

There are only three things the Ambassadors are stating.
・Only Ambassadors and Developers are allowed to submit edits in the WayfarerApp, and regular Wayfinders should submit from within the game app.
・We cannot link edits submitted via WayfarerApp to our Wayfinder contribution page.
・WayfarerApp will be discontinued.

Ambassadors have not stated how edits entered through the App will be handled. This is because they could be used by those with malicious intent. I suggest you edit or delete that post.


I was referring to your request to have them in contributions management.

Edits are brought into the database but I repeat if you are not a developer or Ambassador you should not be using the app.


Let me clarify this.
As suggested by @elijustrying, Wayfarer app is not intended to be used by players.


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I’ve done thousands of scans and have given well over 1,000 wayfarers VPS activations and

Localizability: Good

so I obviously qualify to use it. It’s called developing Overclock.

Mentioning only wayspot scanning, I like the Wayfarer application.
It allows AR scanning over a much longer period of time than PGO, and there are more AR scanning compatible models than Ingress.
It also has the advantage that it is easier to see how the scan is going to be done than with a game application.
And the recently launched Scaniverse by Niantic is capable of even more detailed AR scans and could take Lightship VPS to the next level.

The only problem with the Wayfarer application is that it is possible to make unlimited wayspot nominations anywhere in the world and yet they were approved without passing Wayfarer review.
Conversely, if this point was removed, there was no problem.

From that point of view, we think it would be a shame to simply discontinue the Wayfarer application.
If the Wayfarer application’s functionality is limited to AR scanning only, and scanning results are shared between Ingress and PGO, like the Wayfarer review, it would promote AR scanning of wayspots that are not used by either Ingress or PGO. This would be a good way to promote AR scanning of wayspots that are not used by either Ingress or PGO.
It is fresh in our minds that PGO trainers were not enthusiastic about AR scans and a series of low quality scan data uploads led to support accounts posting warnings directly to trainers.
In order to get more Ingress agents to cooperate with Niantic, who are more enthusiastic about AR scanning and understand Niantic’s mission, it would be a good idea to create a mechanism to utilize the scanning functionality of the Wayfarer application.
I think this would be good for Niantic’s future.


For me, it’s the complete opposite. When scanning with Wayfarer, you can’t see what you’re scanning vs the game actually showing what you’re scanning.

Unfortunately, unless it’s bern fixed, scanning through Pokemon Go does no good at all except for the reward, it’s basically uploaded and deleted.

I tried this out once and it basically set in a black hole, not being reviewed. I then made a nomination through the game and it went through. There’s just two Wayfarers in the same spot.

The app has already been deACTIVATEd. That started in December after the Ingress challenge started, which had the exact same effect as intended, way more scanning and VPS activations, but some one at Niantic freaked out at the huge increase and started adding activation limitations. Now it’s pretty close to impossible to activate a wayfarer unless you make a lot of attempts over time.

The scanning in pogo defo doesnt get deleted. Its the only app i can scan in (no option in ingress for me now and wayfarer app crashes when i try through thay), so to get overclocking to work i had to scan the pokestops, upload them then ask for vps activation in the wayfarer app, which was still a 50 50 for being accepted.

As for the app itself i only use it now for the map to see if my submissions went where they were suppsed to after being accepted, i didnt even k ow you could still submit stuff in the app. And as for edits, ive not had a single edit ive made through the app get seen to (this was before we were told to stop).

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