How to make my Wayfinder rating go back up?

Honest question, I’m unsure what made it go down in the first place. I have a couple os submissions with two accepted and a whole lot of reviews. I have not trolled or done anything wrong I believe but that’s besides the point. Is there anything I can do to make this go back up? I’m at a Fair rating right now.

This is to do with reviewing behaviour.
Maybe review the criteria again, ask about any you’re not sure of, and just take the reviewing slower and it should improve


Review less and take longer on each one. Use “I don’t know” when appropriate - that is a valid answer. Let your agreements catch up with your reviews. Your submissions do not factor in to your rating.


Ok, I’ll try to review slower. Hopefully this works and thank you for the response!



Wayfarer rating is based on the number of agreements and disagreements. Here are a few tips to help you review more effectively and maintain your performance rating:

  • Follow the criteria while reviewing nominations, we recommend keeping the eligible and ineligible criteria pages open in a different browser tab for easy access.
  • Take your time and review each segment on its own merit. Read this article for tips on how to review each section: Niantic Wayfarer - Niantic Wayfarer
  • Avoid using third party tools/plugins or depending on others to decide on how you vote on a nomination.