Wayfarer showing reviews for cities 40km+ away

Hello! I’ve just been able to create my wayfarer account and made three or four reviews, so sorry if this is how it’s supposed to work. I just feel it’s unintended.

What I’ve noticed:

  • From the five reviews I’ve done so far, three of them have been from cities 40+ km away (25+ miles), these three I feel are unintended.
  • The other two were from Barcelona, 20+km away (12.5 miles), I’m perfectly fine with these ones as, even though I don’t sleep in Barcelona, I spend most of my day there.

Why I feel it’s unintended:

  • I would need to cross over 10 cities to get to the three 40+km reviews cities. I can’t say I’ve never been there, as a matter of fact I went there once 10 years ago due to some uni related issues, but I don’t know anything about the local culture and traits of those cities to be able to know if it’s something unique or not.
  • As a new reviewer, I was under the assumption (based on what I’ve read) that you were given local “easy” things to get a hold of it, and I can’t really believe there are no new waypoint submissions in a 20km (which I would feel comfortable with) radius.

Additional information:

  • Account was created on PC, Windows 10, opera browser.
  • Location and bonus location were manually set.
  • Four of the first reviews were done the moment the account was created, the fifth was done around half an hour later when writing this post (to fact-check).

this is completely normal, you’ll receive reviews from a very large area around your location.


Thanks for the quick answer. I was just surprised as it’s two counties away.

You might even get things 2 countries away if you lived in an area close to a border :sweat_smile:

I agree - when setting wayfarer up, it gives the impression that you will review things you recognise/know the area a bit.

In reality, you may recognise the area for 1/100 reviews, or even less.

I’m in South UK, near to London. I get reviews for the whole of England and most of Scotland. Sometimes a few French things, and the odd Welsh thing too.


I’m going to move this to reviewing support.
Hopefully we can then explain more how it works and answer any other reviewing questions you might have.

Did you set the bonus location and hometown location at settings on wayfarer?

I usually get some reviews from far away when I travel… Or maybe they’re upgraded nominations and that cities doesn’t have enough wayfarers reviewing :eyes:

You’ll automatically see nominations in your S6 (or is it S9) cell, which is 100km square (65 sq mi).

And you automatically see nominations from places outside that box that are either upgrades, or that cell doesn’t have enough voters to get things through in a reasonable time. (Trust me, it HURTS to have to wait over a year for resolution.)

You can…

Set your “Home location” to someplace you know well, but is not in the cell where you play (IOW you do not currently live there).

Set your 'Bonus" location to anywhere on the planet that you’d just like to see. (The area returned here will be much smaller, maybe 10 square kilometers.)

Hi! Welcome to Wayfarer and the forum. As you may know already, a lot of things about Niantic games in general and Wayfarer in particular are organized around S2 cells of different levels. This is a system that cuts the world into “squares” of various sizes. They are identified by their levels (the nomenclature is L0, L1, L2…).
The size, shape and surface of a specific cell level will vary a lot depending on where you are so it’s really best to look them up on a case to case basis. More info here if you are interested.

Your main review area in Wayfarer will be composed from nine S2 level 6 cells, the one you are located in and the 8 surrounding ones. That can contain a lot more cities than just Barcelona and will most certainly cross into France, as you will find out as you keep reviewing :slight_smile: Then there are also secondary review locations that have been mentioned above, they operate under the same kind of principle, which is why I recommend people check how they work prior to setting them so their locations don’t overlap.

All of the above are (thoroughly researched) community observations, but in the same vein it’s quite clear that nominations don’t go into review in the order they are submitted, it’s nor a first-in-first-out, neither a last-in-first-out system. Just because there is a nomination that is recent and close to you doesn’t mean you are going to receive it for review among your first few ones.

I hope this helps understand the structure of what you are seeing in review a little. Please feel free to ask further if you have questions about any of these areas.