Wayfinder Rating System is Broken

The Wayfinder rating system is broken and makes no sense.

You are being judged on how agreeable you are with other people and not how accurate your reviews are. The “new” review system only exacerbated this issue. There are guidelines, but ultimately it comes down to your personal opinion and you could be punished for having higher standards than someone else and rejecting something that you deem to not fit the criteria.

You could have an absolute perfect nomination and there is a possibility it gets rejected because people are bad at reviewing things. You could also just submit absolute trash and have it accepted because other reviews didn’t go a good job.

If you’ve ever had a nomination that was rejected but then accepted on appeal, you understand this concept very well. The general public made a mistake and Niantic had to step in and say, “No, this is actually a good stop.”

It’s crazy that the upgrade system is tied to this.


This is the essence of crowd sourcing. It’s not like Waze since that actually tracks your speed. It more self reported (or opinionated) like Weather Underground.

What would you suggest instead?

I think you have to ask if upgrades are actually needed. If the intention is that you’re supposed to review things around your community, it’s counterintuitive to have upgrades be seen by a wider audience.

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I don’t disagree with you on that. I guess if people understand that it gets you a wider audience and it’s not a guarantee or fast track then I’m okay with it.

I think that the effects of an update are diluted now since Niantic is starting to use Machine Learning (ML).

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I rejected a few places and skipped a couple of places. my rating went down to poor. I am done! I am not happy. my rating was at “Good” and “Great” for first two weeks.


After the last challenge, my rating dropped to the minimum, and sometimes it even disappeared completely. Other countries have their “own criteria”, so there is no point in participating in them if you value your rating


Please note that there is a topic about this in the Bug Reports & Technical Support section with a comment recognising it from the Wayfarer Team


Yeah, that’s not really what I’m talking about though. That’s just one tiny aspect of it.

It’s the whole system of you being judged on what/how other people think, not necessarily whether you’re correct or not.


Oh that drives me crazy. I was “wrong” to reject this memorial bench I just saw live today.

But I was the one who followed criteria and voted correctly to reject.


There’s nothing that aggravates me more than people who just happily accept nominations with obviously lackluster and low quality titles.

You just need to treat it like a book or song title, capitalize the important words and it looks astoundingly better.


Hard agree.

This so much. It would be so much easier if we could edit the titles ourselves, I see so many awful descriptions and titles, spelling and capitalisation errors etc. An easy fix for me or I have to reject it as a low quality entry.


But according to current guidelines, they should be rejected unless they have a notable view etc.

Here’s where I might disagree. These types of remembrance, donate a tree, stones in one of our local parks have been approved by Niantic upon appeal after a local reviewer had submitted, they were rejected and then he appealed.

Considering the current wording of the review questions it would be hard to give anything but thumbs up for anything located in a park. Almost all the questions deal with the place or location and not the object itself. The only question that deals with the object itself focuses on it being permanent and identifiable. :thinking:

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It’s not that it’s a memorial but that the memorialized isn’t really reflected through text.