Wayspot removal appeal - Dom Prosper GUÉRANGER

I have a Wayspot removed during this night, i don’t know why as it meets the Wayspots requirements. It’s not the first time it was removed, can you please cancel this revomal or give me the reason why it was deleted?

EDIT : I send 2 geotagged pictures below in a reply.

  • Wayspot Title: Dom Prosper GUÉRANGER
  • Location (47,83804; -0,32695)
  • Postal adress: 13, rue des Terres, 72300, Sablé-Sur-Sarthe, France

@Xenopus you’re up

Thanks for image @ShokoLaNoir
The wayfarer team will probably want a geotagged image so that they can confirm it is still there. Can you attach one please ready for when they review this.

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Agree with the above, is the photo you’ve added to the main post taken by you and recent?

Yes the picture is mine but not recent, but i will send here a geotagged photo in a few hours.


Here you can find 2 geotagged pictures of the portal, taken a few minutes ago.

@NianticAaron Hey, do you have any updates on this appeal please? I see newer posts that have been resolved but mine was not. Please tell me if more information is needed.

What is this location currently used for?

@NianticAaron I’m not sure to understand this question correctly but it was created and used on Ingress.

I meant what is this property used for currently?

@NianticAaron The building is residential, but the Wayspot is not inside it, its on the public road.

Nevermind, I got the information I was requesting from @Xenopus and based on the information received, I have reinstated the Wayspot in question.

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@NianticAaron Oh great, thank you for your help, have a great day :+1:

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