Wayspot taking longer than 48 hours to appear

Short of downloading every Niantic game, is there a way to determine where my wayspot has been added? I submitted in Ingress, it was approved 10 days ago, but it has not shown up in Ingress. It’s not within 20m of another portal. I downloaded Pokemon Go to check if is there and (after figuring out how to actually select the Pokestops instead of the dozens of Pokemon on the ground) saw it’s not. I’d rather not have to go through the same process with all the other games to find out where it is.

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Seeing as how other games don’t sync regularly, there’s not much point to checking beyond Ingress and pogo. If it hasn’t synced and you had placed it somewhere it should, it’s possible it was moved during review, potentially to a more accurate location.

An ambassador could check the Wayfarer App for you if you give the approximate location and name of the Wayspot.

(Sorry I originally mentioned how to check in Pokemon Go from force of habit, but it involves being high enough level to submit nominations.)

I thought about this, but I never got a key in my inventory. I’ve had 23 approvals in recent history, 4 of which have not shown up. At first I figured it was just a delay, but 10 days seems to be a bit excessive.

How do I get in contact with an ambassador? (I’m sure I can figure this out, but maybe having a comment here will help someone else in the future.)

You only get a key if it syncs to ingress. If it has been 10 days, it will not sync as-is, as there have been multiple confirmed syncs over the past 10 days.

But this means that it wasn’t relocated during review, right?

Usually one of them will just pop up and see the thread. If you want to provide the coordinates and the name of the Wayspot then it would make things go slightly quicker, but if you don’t want to reveal the location in public, then just say so and one of the Ambassadors will send you a private message instead.

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Either it was relocated during review to a location it will not sync, or it was nominated in a location where it will not sync. Regardless of which, it doesn’t meet inclusion criteria for ingress in the current location.

It’s titled, “Campus Map”, and the coordinates are 41312274 , -105580162.


Ambassador popping up. I’ll have a look


The location that shows in Wayfarer for my accepted submission seems to meet all of the inclusion criteria. It’s on a college campus and not within 20m of another portal.

It appears to be just within 20m of “Simpson Plaza”

Hmm. Maybe so :confused: I might has misjudged since they are physically farther apart, but the Simpson Plaza portal is slightly misplaced

Yes I agree it’s really close, probably just a question of inches but it is just inside the 20m.
There is nothing you can do as the pin position is in the correct position for the plaza.

Gotcha. Thank you.

Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not confuse inches and meters! Pick a system, Ambassador! :grin:


Translating for the US :joy: