We're now landing in the USA!

Hello Explorers,

As you’ll be able to see from your reviews, we have now landed in the USA. We will be staying in the USA for the duration of the weekend before flying off to Germany.

Here are some quick stats since the start of the challenge:

TOP 10 (as of 5/17/2024 at 1:30pm PDT)

  1. KooNasu: 3300
  2. Trollfarer: 2973
  3. willgo5play: 2576
  4. RotataJin: 2310
  5. mino0916: 1909
  6. TheVoidEmperor: 1483
  7. NoriaSpeeddraw: 1432
  8. Breaaaaaaaad: 1406
  9. MegaTrainerRed: 1318
  10. Ruskman63cross: 1289

Total Resolutions:

  • 31,861

Congratulations to out Top 10 reviewers and awesome reviewing Explorers! We’ll be clearing Tier 2 and Tier 3 soon, I’m certain of it.


Looks like I’m famous /jk

I didn’t think @Breaaad’s name has that many a’s in it :thinking:

And you said you weren’t even going to try for the top 10 this time around…

And I didn’t try it at all :sweat_smile:
Less time + easy reviews = the same? /jk
I will continue reviewing as I was, if at the end of the Challenge I continue inside the leaderboard I will be happy, if not it will be okay ^^

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