What Do You Think?

This was an interesting nomination to come across.

You can see the painters tape still on this. The location is accurate and streetview shows the powerbox unpainted in the past.

To be honest, I didn’t really like this nomination. I assume city workers would have pulled the tape off. So I suspect this was the nominator’s paint.

Hi @TheOneXanthippe
I googled a bit around and found that this art piece fits to others of theire city picture:

I also found a link to a form, where people could submit a suggest for an utility box design.

It’s maybe too fresh to be listed somewhere :woman_shrugging:t2:, cause THIS mural I didn’t found.

But under the line, it doesn’t look like vandalism. So if I have had this in review I would accept it.


I like it!! Its well drawn, and based on that article seems to be a program in the area. And people love themed items, one of my friends really enjoys cow stuff for example-collects postcards and gold gym badges of anything cow based😆


Agree with the above feedback. I think @AliceWonder1511 's argument that there appears to be an art program that includes the painting of utility boxes in Rockland MA clearly makes the benefit of doubt tip onto the nominator’s side. As for the tape, it is possibly unfinished, maybe the nominator caught it during the artist’s break or something, maybe there will be more painting that will take more space on the box. It’s a little eager and it’s hard to tell how far it is from what the finished artwork will be, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a new photo.


Thank you. I wasn’t sure and usually I do more research online. I actually loved the painting as I collected cow memorabilia. Just seemed a bit premature with the tape there.

If they want a new friend I’ll send in a monthish.