Painted electricity box rejected

I submitted a nomination for a painted electricity box in my area which was rejected for “Wayfarer criteria”:

Title: Stromkasten 1860 München #1
Desc: Angemalter Stromkasten in den Farben des TSV 1860 München.

It is not a duplicate I suppose, at least there is no stop for it yet.

As I am seeing both painted electricity boxes and other graffiti in my area as stops I am puzzled as to why mine got turned down.

I personally think that it qualifies for unique art in places to explore.

Am I getting this wrong?

I would personally question the uniqueness and permanence of said art. Doesn’t look like something that one may want to come to explore. Remember that approved wayspots are in no way evidence of criteria.


I fully agree with @Xenopus . That would be a rejection for me on “not distinct” grounds. I’ve passed several of these but the difference was the artwork was beautiful on them and really quality work. If you come across another with some nice artwork on it, be sure to submit it as it should have a decent chance of passing. But unfortunately the one you posted a ove would be a no from me.


If you want some ideas for what would be a good submission take a look at this site. It is an artist from Ireland that has done many of these boxes. Hopefully it will go e you an idea of the differences and what would be more suitable.

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Thanks for the feedback, it definitely makes sense.

Indeed the electric boxes in my area which were approved are mostly more artsy, so are the graffiti.

It was worth a try though :slight_smile:


Thank you for being receptive to feedback :slight_smile:


You are very welcome. Glad that we could help and thank you for taking the feedback. As always if you are unsure about something you want to submit you can always jump in for advice here. I’m still getting familiar with the new home but I’m guessing someone should be able to provide the link to submission improvement / advice section.

You can always @ me if you are unsure. As I said I’m not expert but if I can give a little advice and it helps them great. :+1:

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Also, just to clarify. Getting away from the electrical boxes that some graffiti is also eligible for submission. So if you find something that looks cool, quirky, interesting don’t be afraid to consider it. If you want some feedback on it before submitting ask here for advice. :+1:

What if it was a picture of 1860 Munichs club badge with TSV under it would you accept that?

@26thDoctor If it was the club badge and there is nothing nefarious to it (like racial)(Ultras)then it would probably be a better option then the current version as it is just in the club colours and there is no context to it.

I’ve seen Legia Warsaw wayspots in Poland so it is not inconceivable.

There is context for anyone who lives there.

If I was in Glasgow and saw a green and white striped electrical box I wouldn’t have to think twice what it represents.
I could say the simplicity of the colours is more symbolic and representative of the clubs history and the cultural relevance to a club’s fans.

Unless we are to review as fine art critics now?

If I see an official mural that I don’t think is technically very good, doesn’t fall into my personal likes or uses a minimalistic style should I also reject that?

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So by that logic it would be a perfectly acceptable wayspot for a hardened rangers fan then correct? You can paint anything in club colours, for instance your Wheely bin. That doesn’t make it distinctive. Nobody said anything about being an art critic.

As for rejecting a mural the isn’t minimalist enough for your standards that is your right and your perogative. Nobody is telling you how to vote. That’s up to yourself. At the end of the day it’s up to the entire community to decide and the final say is Niantics.

It’s nothing to do with Rangers or Celtic. The point is the colours of a football club have symbolic and cultural relevance whether you are a Liverpool, Everton, Celtic whatever fan.

You yourself said ‘I’ve passed these because the artwork is beautiful and quality’

You are using your own personal artistic tastes to determine if a painting is worthy. Being an art critic.

A clubs colours are engrained in the identity of the club, the people who support it and the locality of that club. If you don’t understand that and want to reduce the discussion to wheelie bins that’s your problem.

I wouldn’t reject something for being minimalistic or not to my liking.

I’m not telling you how to vote, I’m asking why you would accept something because you liked it

I think you need to have another look at what distinct means with relevance to accepting or rejecting a Wayspot.

I am to a degree. And like I said that is my right as well as yours. But, until you mentioned the club in question it was blue box with graffiti.

Wayspots are not decided in the local community. I receive submissions from other countries the same as anyone else.

Is a blue electrical box distinctive to someone in a completely different area? Well obviously in this case it is not or it would have passed.

You were the one to mention green and white in Scotland. Being from Ireland I know what it is, but would someone who is not into football who is reviewing in a completely different part of the country or even a different country know? I doubt it.

Maybe you need to take a look at that distinctive section yourself. There is no golden ratio that makes a wayspot guaranteed to pass. Maybe on the ML side in time but in general voting by other wayfinders it comes down to there opinion. If it had been clearly stated on the submission in the first place then it may have passed. But it obviously was not found distinctive by a lot more reviewers then just me and I didn’t even get this in voting.

The OP took the feedback and may decide to resubmit the same box with a good description as to what the colours are and if they decide to do so then fair play to them. If I got it in the context of the history of the club in the suppemental information then it would make it more destinctive because I would at that time know there is more significance to the colours.

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Like under exploration for instance people explore on their own personal like or dislikes. Their isn’t a guide book to what makes something a great place to explore. Personally I like quirky, strange stuff and nature. To someone else they might think a submission I’d put in is not to their liking or feel it is not a place to explore and I’ve had submissions accepted and rejected in the past for that very reason.

On some of the rejected ones I have added extra information on resubmitting and more context and it has passed. If the reviewers didn’t like it then it wouldn’t have.

Oh and by the way I’m not art expert, I can appreciate it but as I also stated above I’m not expert and definitely no art critic.

It’s not about Celtic/Rangers division you can apply the symbolism of colours to any club. It’s whether yourself and @Xenopus should base your reviewing decision on its artistic merits or permanence.
Why would this not be permanent but a ‘worthy’ painting would be?

It’s not your right to use personal preference on the artistic quality of a painting to decide if it’s worthy.

What do you think distinct means with in Wayfarer terms?

Both yourself and @Xenopus said this. It looks pretty distinct from its surroundings to me.

I assumed the TSV was a club but didn’t actually know so I looked it up, anyone could do that. I hope the op does resubmit with an explanation but I’m pretty sure it would still get rejected because… Art.

Rothko and Mondrian would like a word with yourself and @Xenopus by the way.

Anyhow OP is welcome to contact me if they want my opinion as I also stated above. I, like everyone else here can give our opinions and that is all, unless it is a clear breach of criteria. If people don’t agree then that is every bit as valid as the ones who do.

But remember that wayspots are decided and voted on by a wide range of people. What is or is not distinctive to one maybe distinctive to another. Especially without context.

Anyhow I bid you goodnight and wish you well.