What is the rejection criteria for my nomination? Now I can’t appeal?

So I had previously submitted a stop for it to be rejected due to having people in the picture. Okay, that’s fine. Resubmitted with new pictures and now it was in voting and then rejected and I have no idea why and cannot appeal. The rejection just says “other rejection criteria”.

Please assist, Thank you.

I’m moving this to nomination support.

If you post screenshots showing us all parts of your nomination, we can help you figure out why it was rejected.

you get two appeals, each with a 20 day timer. when did you make your last appeal? the button will come back when it is available again.

Yes, sorry about that. Uploaded screenshots.

I did not know that. Thank you.

So a couple of things:

  1. GameStop is pretty much the definition of a Generic Business. It’s a big chain business that’s multinational.

  2. your supporting info is not helping you as it’s completely irrelevant. In this case, it’s unlikely that even the best supporting info would do you any good, as like I said above, GameStop is pretty much the definition of a Generic Business, and that’s a rejection criteria, but if you’re making other nominations, you’ll need to work on your supporting info.

You should use this section to explain why your nomination is a great place to socialise, exercise or explore, as those are the three Wayfarer eligibility criteria, and nominations need to be at least one of those things (whilst also not meeting any of the rejection criteria, which again, Generic Business is one of the rejection criteria). Having a parking lot is irrelevant to the criteria. Routes are a Pokémon Go thing and are not relevant to Wayfarer either.


There are some GameStops that do have Wayspots, however, GameStop had a sponsorship to promote one of the Pokémon games, the Gen VII Ultra versions, when they were going to be released in November 2017, so some of their stores got stops/gyms in PoGo. Since it was a sponsorship deal, not all stores received stops/gyms, and newer stores aren’t, most likely due to the deal expiring.

Therefore, any Wayfarer submitting GameStop stores will most likely get them rejected for being generic businesses, since we are unable to create sponsored Wayspots. If GameStop wanted more stores with Wayspots, or one of the games wanted to expand the sponsorship, a new deal would need to be reached, but I doubt that’ll happen, especially with GameStop having a hard time keeping physical locations open.


Yes, Game Stop is a generic business. They paid to have Pokestops (not portals, flowers, etc) on most of their locations. The terms of that legal business contract is between Game Stop and Niantic, but apparently they didn’t pay for this one. Maybe you can figure a way to prod them to renegotiate the contract.

Yeah, likely not to happen. Again, GameStop is not doing the best as a business, and have even looked at filing for bankruptcy protection. I doubt they’d pay for any new Wayspots, and I doubt Niantic would as well.