Nomination rejected when it meets criteria

Lets hope the devs have more sense then the people reviewing

Screenshot by Lightshot > screen shot of the place nominated
it states clear on their page on what they accept , states gaming/comic stores and this is just that yet there are pokestops on my area what are unsafe and should not be a pokestop yet they get accepted this don’t

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I hope it gets sorted for you! Sadly it seems a common theme!

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Do they hold events and did you include a link to that in your support?

no i did not provide a link but you can clearly tell what the shop is :frowning:

Oof, yeah, this description is the problem

Try something like:
Hobby store that caters to gaming and collectibles. This store specializes in retro games and cards. Collectors come here to show off their collections and learn about the hobby of collecting. They also host gaming tournaments that draw dozens of people, offering prizes and plenty of social opportunities.

Then in your support statement you can add a link to the store that hopefully proves the tournament calendar. This is where I would talk about them being an official Play! Pokemon location.

Do they also host things like figure painting workshops for the games that use figurines? I would mention that in the description if so. Just don’t use the names of the games.

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Also, don’t rely on the logic of “you can clearly see what this is.”

There are a lot of reviewers who don’t stay updated on the criteria. They may be using super old criteria or they may have never read the criteria and just base their votes on what they’ve heard others say. You have to make your case clear with every submission.

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I can see what it is :slight_smile:

Everything is eligible but not everything is acceptable. I had a look and couldn’t see where they hold events although I may have missed it.

The criteria that a gaming shop is accepted under is usually socialise which holding events would satisfy otherwise it just sells stuff.

There’s another problem which is not your fault but there is an accepted belief that game specific text in the description or support warrants a rejection.

Personally I would see it as absolutely fine in this case. I’m not sure reviewers would though and there are definitely some who would reject without even looking at your submission because you mentioned Pokémon.

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thank you all for the advice i will see what Niantic say maybe i will add the link and better description next time

yes they do Warhammer painting too maybe i should have added a picture of the rooms with games consoles and gaming tables
i will re do the submission once appeal choice is reached thanks :slight_smile:

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Do you mean that you appealed this through Wayfarer? Otherwise, Niantic won’t give you an answer just for posting here.

Also, like @26thDoctor, I can’t find proof that they host tournaments either. The photos of their store that I see both on Google and Facebook look like there is barely room to walk through the store much less have tables to host gaming tournaments.

The building is an old bank the tables are in the basement :slight_smile:

Nice, sounds great! I did see on Google that the place used to be a bank. It didn’t occur to me that a bank would have a “basement” since they don’t in my area. Old cities maximize land differently.

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To be honest there is still a chance it will get accepted and you won’t have to bother.

If it doesn’t feel free to post again before you resubmit. If the store does meet the socialise criteria there are plenty of people here who could help hone it a bit too increase the chance of getting it through.

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Thank you

yes i think it was the main reason they had moved from the first store they had as it was such a small space before

Is it in what use to be the Lloyds Bank next to Chubby’s?

This is how it currently looks

Each cell can have multiple Wayspots but only one will appear in Go.
As it stands the gaming store would end up in an already occupied cell.

It’s up to you if you want to nominate it or not given that information.


it got accepted :smiley: thanks all


Unfortunately, based on what @26thDoctor is showing on the map, this won’t appear in PGO. I am sorry that’s the case.

Now your only chance is to contact the person who runs the league and ask them to get an officially sponsored POI added to PGO.

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there are multiple stops ocupoed in celles like this all over we will see in 48 hours hopefully the stops are alot further away in game i can only reach the plough the conservitve club is not in pokemon go by the way