What more can I add to this nomination to make it acceptable like the feedback suggests?

Wayspot Submission for Signal Return

Detroit MI



Niantic Note

Thanks for the appeal, Explorer! We suggest that you add more information explaining why this organization is important for the local community in a new nomination. This can greatly increase the odds of this nomination getting approved. We recommend you review the content guidelines before submitting your next Wayspot contribution: Content Guidelines — Wayfarer Help Center

Rejection Criteria

Generic Business


Community, non-profit, letterpress studio who moved to their new location on Kercheval in 2023 from Eastern Market. They work with the community and local artists creating promotional material for events, fundraising through grants, and hosting workshops.


2122 McClellan Ave, Detroit, MI 48214, USA

Supplemental Information

Community organization that promotes learning and the arts, great place to explore and socialize with others. Find out more here: signalreturnpress.org

I’m getting extremely frustrated with Niantic for these vague reasons. I did list why the location is important to the community, do I need to write a dissertation to appease Niantic? I provided the non-profits website for more information where you can see that art workshops, tours and fundraising events take place for the community. This meets the socializing and exploring criteria easily. Why is nominating becoming so difficult?

First of all, if youre trying to get a pokething at this spot, the whole front of that building shares a cell with the church caddy corner from it. So, even if its approved, it won’t show up in PGO.

It may be gone now, but street view shows a mural on the building next door that wraps around the corner from McClellan to Kercheval. That’s shown in pink on the above map.

Lantern, next door, may be easier to get approved (and have it appear in PGO). Google tells me its a former bakery, renovated to an art studio. That spunds cool.

Don’t copy this, but there’s a lot of good terms and phrases you can use here. And, actually, maybe this printing press place is part of Lantern.

Anyway, you can probably get the whole building/space approved by leaning into the famous architecture firm aspect.

It is apart of the Lantern, the Lantern is that whole building. The Lantern building is not finished, the only part of the building that is occupied right now is Signal Return and another arts organization in the back of the building. The mural by WC BEVAN no longer exists, it was painted over during renovations. I appreciate your feedback. Can you figure out what exactly about my first submission didn’t give enough information to prove it is a place for socializing and exploring?

I’m not going to comment on the Niantic reviewers. I can’t make heads or tails of how they judge things.

If you were going to resubmit this for your community, i would de-emphasize the fact that they print things here as if its a business. I would describe it more as a place dedicated to the education of printing by offering classes for both adults and school aged kids. Definitely throwing in the word studio more prominently.

But you need to find a better view for the photo. This photo looks like a standard print shop business, a place where you go to make copies. Maybe go by sometime when they’re open and ask to take a photo that really highlights their connection to the arts or the community or education that also includes their name. You never know what they will offer. (I did this for a non descript escape room business and she let me take a photo in front of their “we escaped!” photo wall.)

When I’m chatting with business owners like this, i try to emphasize that PGO sells sponsored stops like this for $1 or $2 per day, but I’m trying to get them a POI for free based on the merit of their place. I explain that this may not drive hordes of people to their place, but any little bit of advertising helps.

Also include the link to their About Us page on the website in your supplemental information. For those who will click on it, i think its important to see how they describe themselves.