When I try to make a Wayspot nomination, Google Maps does not show up

There is a bug in both Pokémon GO and Ingress.
The first step in the process of nominating a Wayspot is to specify the location. For this, a Google map (aerial photo) is displayed. The first time you launch the application, the nomination process works fine. However, when I try to perform the nomination the second time, the map does not appear. It appears blank in Pokémon GO and black in Ingres. Please remove this bug ASAP. I want to show Emily a lot of nominations, but I have to restart the app every time I want to do so.
The device I am using is Xiaomi11TPro.


Both me and my friend get the same issue. Restarting the game all the time is very annoying.

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Trust me, we have reported this to Niantic!


This is a bug affecting Android-client version of PGO and Ingress.

It does not affect iOS.

It has been reported to Niantic by the Ambassadors.


Thank you, I have heard back from the staff and will wait.

I am waiting, best regards.

Still a thing on Go v0.309.0 Android

Dodging in Pokémon Go has been broken for 7 years. So my expectations for a fix to this issue in days are low.

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Still an issue with Android but I’m on a roll so it won’t slow me down…yet…

They haven’t fix this yet?

Not yet. This was flagged by Ambos. Probably they are working on it.

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Was wondering if having to close and reopen the apps when submitting was still an issue, as I experienced it for the first time today on Android phone. I remember it in the old forums, but I hadn’t experienced it, since I don’t submit much, but did have issues with 2 edits I tried to submit today.

The only way to get the map to come back is to reboot the app, to my knowledge.

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This is fixed for me in the 0.311 version of Go.


Wow. I can’t yet get .311 in Play or Galaxy store, but I’d be curious if PoGo refreshes your location when making multiple nominations now.


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Glad to hear it will be resolved. Now I won’t have to restart the app.
One more thing I just remembered. There is a bug that all category selections are not displayed when the language setting is set to Japanese, and Japanese Wayfinders have to select a different category than they should, or change the language setting to English before submitting the application. This has probably been confirmed as well, but it has not been resolved in over 2 years. It is not a bug that is interfering with the system, so please take your time to fix it at your convenience.

Thanks for posting - this one has been raised by Ambos, for what it’s worth. If it still occurs after the current update (I’m expecting it will, but just in case), don’t hesitate to make a separate post with screenshots for more visibility.

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What do you mean if it still occurs?

What is the it part?