Where could I find the test of improve my rating from poor?

As my rating downgrade to poor, there is a link on showcase page noticed me to finish a test to improve my rating. But I can not find now. And my profile has nothing of rating.

Does your showcase page still show the prompt? I might be wrong, but I think you can only take the test through that prompt.


Can you show us a screenshot of that page?

I remember there was a link yesterday.
After I click it but exit the test, the link was disappeared.

You also appear to have lost your play area, which is not necessarily the cause of your rating but still something worth fixing. If you have ever made an Ingress account, I would recommend booting it up and performing an in-game action.

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Wow I did not even notice that your rating wasn’t showing on your profile until @NvlblNm used this post to reply to someone else whose rating has disappeared. It should be here

If you refresh will the rating show again? Maybe that will bring back the option to take the test again.