Bad profile rating since the OPR live challenge

Hello there. I am a reviewer from Germany and did like 10k reviews back in the day. Had a rating of “great” in like 2018-2019. Since last year I come back to wayfarer and did enjoy the new rating system a bit. Also participated in last two OPR live challenges and also got the OPR live badge ticks for ingress. All fine and good, but my rating dropped to “bad” over a course of couple reviews. And since the last challenge I can’t get it up back to “good”. I sincerely don’t know what am I doing wrong. Also trough POIs review I noticed that when I am marking obvious POIs as duplicates that these nominations don’t add up to my duplicate statistics. I have added a screenshot of my profile here, as seen in the screenshot with over 10k reviews I have only 65 duplicates, which cannot be right. Also I am always monitoring my profile and available upgrades. Since last live challenge I got a couple of upgrades, so my reviews do agree with the community reviews, but still no improvement of my rating. I also added a couple of new POIs to the network over last few months, as seen in the other screenshots

, but still no rating improvement.

Many thanks for reading and I really hope someone can help me improve my rating.

Help me for submit

Here are my opr stats in ingress.

Since the start of last OPR live challenge I couldn’t get my rating up again. I really cannot understand what I am doing wrong. I am taking my time rating waypoints, always on the lookout for rejection criteria like schools or bad accessibility. But still, no improvement.

Aaron gave this advice to someone previously asking about how to improve rating:

I hope this helps. I also recommend going slowly, really considering what the answer to each question should be, even if it is “I don’t know”, and not trying to do too many at a time. Additionally, you can skip or let anything you aren’t sure about time out.

There was also an incident that made some reviewers’ stats go down, so maybe you were affected by it.

Thanks for the suggestions, I think I am following all of them since last month. I can see that the number of upgrades is getting up, and also the percentage to the next available upgrade. Right now it is at 43%, like in the posted screenshot. Last week it was at 38% and I do review really slow and only like one or two waypoints per day. I am really afraid now to review further, because I think that my rating just get worse. At current moment I try to review just one waypoint, than wait till my percentage for the next upgrade goes up, then review another waypoint. I did this strategy for last few weeks, but the rating is stuck at bad.

If that is your real name on your screenshot, you may want to remove it.

(I do that, too, and appreciate when someone tells me.)

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One thing I found out recently, if you are rejecting something it has to be done with the top 4 questions and not just through the 3 criteria ones. So if you think something should be rejected because you don’t consider it to be a great place to explore, exercise or socialise BUT mark the top questions accurately that they have safe access, are accurate, are appropriate and are permanent & distinct you actually won’t be classed as giving a rejection so you might not get the agreements, even though you put thumbs down to the bottom 3.

I can’t imagine that alone would make you drop, but could contribute.

In terms of the upgrades, there were some given out as rewards for completing reviews in the challenges, so aren’t necessarily a sign that you were getting agreements I’m afraid.

It’s also possible you voted the wrong way on a “honeytrap” - a post deliberately dropped in to check reviewers are reviewing accurately and if you get it wrong it drops your rating. I’m not sure on how these work - I’ve just read about them in a post before.

Finally, you mention your own nominations. These won’t affect your rating in any way. It does suggest you are familiar with the criteria of course, which suggests you should be able to review accurately too!

Good luck getting the rating back up.

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My upgrades did increase even after the last challenge ended. So it is not through the rewards. I have read the other posts and I hope that my rating will also be restored. I did spot honeypots POIs. Like near children schools or unsafe for pedestrians. I voted accordingly.

As far as I know, all the affected people had their ratings restored a week or so ago. I didn’t see anything that suggested it was being staggered in a roll out, hopefully that can be answered with certainty by someone from Niantic.

I don’t know how clever they make their honeypots - it’s the only thing I can think of that might make a previously great reviewer drop so low. One other thing could be that because your rating dropped below good, it meant it held less weight in voting, so needed more people agreeing with you. But because of the ratings drops, lots of people stopped reviewing - so maybe you have lots of items voted on that haven’t yet reached their conclusion?

Theres also confusion as to whether or not edits are counting in agreements. If they are, this could be tricky for people - especially when something is in a generic area (eg under trees) and you get asked to pick the best location from 1 of 12 different spots, all next to each other (I had this yesterday) when you can’t even get street view! If you’ve done lots of edit reviews, maybe they’re affecting it too.


It would be very unfair if my ratings wouldn’t be restored, since so many people where affected. Especially since there is absolutely no feedback when the reviews are wrong, just the rating goes down, without any reason. I just can’t imagine why I had several years a rating of great trough several thousand reviews, and then it dropped so low.

Maybe even more people are still affected, but they already given up on reviewing and are quiet.

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