Why did my pokestop get rejected

Why did my pokestop get rejected so many people go there and Elvis even played there like really man

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You might be able to see some reasons of varying usefulness on the website.

I’d highly recommend Title Case for Titles

Did the email you received say “our team” or “our community” rejected it? If it says “our team,” then the AI, also known as ML, rejected it.

I did search your main image on Google and see it’s a third party image, not one that you took, and that is not allowed per photo guidelines. The main photo appears on the Kingsport Parks and Rec website, and that is the most likely reason for rejection.


I would also improve on the title, and edit it to “Kingspot Civic Auditorium,” which is the office name, and use proper grammar and capitalization. It’s not a requirement, but it helps.

Here are the photo guidelines and rejection criteria that may assist you:


Take your own photos and do not copypaste third party text, cutting it off in the middle, and your nomination will have much better chances. Civic Auditorium – Gymnasiums – Kingsport Parks and Recreation
The rejection is correct.

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The first photo appears to be a stock photo, unless you somehow managed to take it yourself.