Why do you submit POIs

Just an idle curiosity question.

Do you submit POIs because you like finding stuff and seeing neat things?
Or Do you submit POIs to make your game play in your game of choice better?

For me, I’m mostly an improve my own game play submitter. While I will submit stuff that won’t enter my game rarely, about 85-90% of my submissions are for my own game play purposes.


I used to be all about improving my own gameplay experience. But since taking on the role of Ambassador, my game playing has been severely limited. Now, WF is basically all i focus on. These days, I’m venturing further and further from home to places where i will never play in order to submit. I want it to be done right before someone who doesn’t understand the nuances comes along and makes it harder than it has to be.


Most of the stuff I submit is stuff that I know will be able to show up in Pokémon Go if accepted. I don’t exclusively submit for that reason though. If I find something interesting and it won’t appear in Pokémon Go, I’ll still submit it anyway.

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I am a quality over quantity submitter, so I only submit new nominations that I know have a high likelihood of being approved. Yes, I would like more Wayspots, especially near where I live, but there isn’t a lot of places that meet criteria, or what does already has been added. And yes, I have had approved Wayspots not show up in PoGo, but I know they may be in other games, and I’m glad if their players get to enjoy them.

I actually roll my eyes at bad Wayspots that have been added that don’t meet approval criteria, but somehow got through, mainly because it’s harder to remove a Wayspot than approve one.

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Same. PGO is still my primary use case for WF. I sometimes submit things in occupied cells, but mostly if i think the other POI is likely to disappear at some point so there should be a back up waiting. In fact, i found something to nominate in an occupied cell tonight. When i examined the existing POI, i realized that it wasnt actually there. I have no idea if it was ever there. I submitted a removal request (via the linked form at the top of this forum) and submitted the new item.

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For me it’s about finding interesting things… the wayspots I like the most are the ones that make me go “Oh, cool!” when I see them.

A lot of what I submit is urban street art in my area and it’s a lot of fun to discover a brand new mural and send it in. There are several within a few blocks of where I live that I’ve submitted within a day or two of their completion and for a couple of them I’ve met the artist while they were working on it.


I was doing it purely for my own area when I started.

Submitting in Ingress, so they would appear in Pokémon GO (no cell selection/location abuse etc.) but then got more interested in Ingress and also Wayfarer/OPR.

Now I like when I can find something new to submit wherever I am. Feels nice to add new POI where there aren’t any, or where there’s little signal (but a 5G/cell tower may be built in future) so that when there is anyone who plays the games there will have a nice full map.

There’s very little left to add in my local area, so I enjoy helping out other places now.


At this point, though I’ve reduced my use of Wayfarer, I play the games less than I use Wayfarer; and I was already a fairly casual player because it was something I was conned into joining and then it became a passive activity to replace the “proper” gaming I no longer had time for when my little one came along :sweat_smile:

I mostly submit for the benefit of the other players in the rural communities in which I live and visit and to represent the things that are important to the community or to pass on the history/culture/stories that are often overlooked or lost (our region has a poor track record of preserving and communicating much of this until more recently).

I do also enjoy challenging perceptions with submissions that encourage users to be more present and think differently about the things in their everyday environment that they may never have fully appreciated. Being more mindful is always a good thing IMO and I’ve had positive feedback about these kinds of submissions, so it’s nice to know that I’ve been able to accomplish this for those who are curious enough to read the descriptions of such nominations and consider the real world POI through a different lens.

I’ve had a fairly significant impact on the gameboard in my region, seemingly taking up from the previously prolific submitter/s who seem to have burnt out and lost interest. It seems I’ve helped increase uptake and retention of players and use of more parks and trails on foot, which is pretty cool (although I don’t think the PoGo convoys will ever be eliminated, especially when it’s 40°C+ and extreme UV outside) :woman_shrugging:t2:

If the system were easier to work with, I’d probably do a lot more, but those who don’t understand it or aren’t interested in participating are happy to have a lot more opportunities to play than they would have had otherwise, so I’m happy enough with that :woman_shrugging:t2:


I’m generally more focused on the gameplay side. The suburbs aren’t the worst place to play, but not the best either. Anything that can add more small areas with decent pokestop / gym density is a nice improvement. And of course adding more to the few dense places that already exist gets a fair share of appreciation from the local community as well.

That said, finding cool stuff is a nice side effect.


Like most people I also started of to submit wayspots to improve the different games in the area. However, now a days it is a lot more about exploration and being able to tell others cool stuff about an area that you might otherwise just walk past. Whenever there is some new art piece installed, I try to gather as much information as I can to submit that for people to enjoy.

Wherever I go I always keep my eyes open for potential new wayspot candidates, most of those I will likely never visit again but can teach someone else something about that area :slight_smile: .


I came absolutly random to wayfarer.

One day I look through my pogo menue and find the button “submit new pokestop” and was surprised and happy that I’m be able to do that. I press the button to look which kind of questions they may have, if I ever find a good nomination.

Now, after joining wayfarer and read soooo many in this (and the former) forum, my intention changed. Now I feel bothhearted for pogo and wayfarer. I take my time to, so I hope, find interesting POIs, or some where you can stand together in groups without danger. I also believe in raising technic and virtuality in our world and I’m interested in being part of giving it good and safe nuances.


Bit of a blend for me.

I vaguely intended to get around to hunting for more POIs to improve my experience of playing PoGO but never got around to it for a few years. The tipping point has been seeing improvements to local nature trails that I wanted to share, and then realising that the process of finding evidence to show the significance of these spots is itself a fun challenge.

As a result, I’ve learned about the teams maintaining the environments I enjoy - many of them publish meetings of minutes so I can look at the planning and final report for POIs to pick up more context, like the low bridge I’d understood to be ‘merely’ to cross a boggy area that is actually fording a set of springs.

That detective work has become the core of it for me. Can I put together an attractive photo, a snappy/engaging description and evidence the significance? Even if I can’t, I’m bound to learn things about my town I didn’t know before!

For example, seeing local woodland appear essentially unchanged on detailed maps from 1890 - except without the buildings surrounding it on every side - was a fascinating little detail. That’s not something that would be significant enough to really talk about as part of the area’s history, but it’s a charming thing to learn about my home.


I enjoy exploring while playing rather than other gimmicks in Pokemon GO like raids, PVPs, TGRs, Party Play, etc. So whenever I see potential POIs worth to nominate (i.e. in my case are mosques), I’ll take the photo of the POI and submit later at home. If this also help rural players who are underleveled yet to nominate.

And by extension I sometimes submit new Routes as well.


This is true WF nerdom! Welcome to the club. I follow all the local cities on Twitter so i can get updates on meetings and projects. I’ve found countless parks or amenities or learned of new developments by reading meeting minutes from city councils.


Both. Pokemon Go and Ingress are great, fun games and I like to populate the game board. However, I’ve discovered so many interesting places and things that I never knew existed, many of which are right in my home neighborhood, or adjacent.

I like being able to share things that are cool, that I hope others will discover along their journeys. Some of the cool things I’ve discovered:
A historic mansion that was home to the proprietor of the old Cotton Mills that were the cornerstone of my neighborhood.

  • Historic footpaths that were incorporated into a planned community in the early 20th century.
  • A dedication plaque from 1919 for the completion of the main boulevard connecting my neighborhood with the two adjacent ones.
  • A plaque commerating the first major integrated Tennis championship in a major park.
  • A sculpture of a millstone in the woods.
  • A Shinto-Torii gate.

And those were all within 6km of where I live.

I hope other people find these things as interesting as I did. And, if not, they have more stops to spin/portals to capture.


I’ve started reviewing a nominating 5 years ago because we just have a few wayspots in my area to play Pokémon Go, submitted by some local Agents but there were a lot of things not submitted. In the last year I started to get more interested on all the process to nominate and get stuff accepted, becoming my main interest compared to Pokémon GO. I just like to explore new or know places to find new possible nominations to submit, trying to first nominate wayspots in free cells, then the ones that will become portals and last the ones that won’t appear in any game.
So, in general, I submit for fun.


I want to bring all nice and cool things to Lightship. But any game eligible Wayspot takes priority so it takes a while to submit Lightship only Wayspots.

I submit everywhere I find stuff, even if I don’t get to use it myself. I do like to brag that I got to some Wayspots first :sunglasses:


I tend to submit more in outlying areas that I may not get back to for some time. Going on day-trips for submissions is the most fun I have with Wayfarer! I’ll usually study Intel to see what small towns might need some care, then load up maps on my computer or the VR Headset and look for potential. I’ll then list out spots to visit on paper in order so I can efficiently cover that area. My goal is to jump-start most areas by providing a few POI that local agents/trainers can use to help level up so they can in turn submit stuff themselves - just like ripples in a pond.


I started submitting POI’s yesterday. Been to a local park and spotted something interesting, but not yet present on the PokemonGO map, so I filled out the details and today, not even 24h later (accidentally had “Automatically Apply Upgrades” turned on), it got accepted :slight_smile:
I’ve been Wayfaring since end of march I think, trying to understand what makes a good Wayspot. So I am really happy that my first submission was already accepted.


You do realize that when I say I’m trying to improve the games, I’m not doing that for Niantic, right? I’m doing that for other players who either aren’t high enough level to nominate or can’t figure out some part of the WF process. I don’t do any of this for Niantic.