Why don't you implement a filter before deleting portals?

Currently I have been reuploading too many portals, since agents of the opposing faction delete them without justification, since they do not have any left in the way.
It is unfair that just by reporting a portal it is deleted without evidence and worse that the agents who resort to this situation to truncate the game are not sanctioned.
A possible solution would be to implement requesting a photo from the portal that is reported as invalid.

I have previously expressed this situation with no apparent response or support.


Instead of going through the whole process of resubmitting them, you can appeal the removals in Wayspot Appeals and Niantic will take a look and decide if they should be reinstated or not. They may also be able to take action if the removal reports were done maliciously.


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Thanks for your points and question.
@hankwolfman has offered a solution.

A more permanent and better solution would be for Wayfarer not to be used in this way in an ingress faction war.
Is there any chance that you and the opposing side could talk to each other and agree to stop?

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Idk how they are getting valid portals removed just by reporting them. I usually have to appeal here after my report has been rejected to get something removed.


I think they use the abuse form

I’m thinking that 1 faction is submitting multiple reports from multiple users to get the upper hand. Niantic most likely sees all of these requests coming in around the same time and think, “hmm, must be correct,” without even looking much into them, and remove the Wayspots.

At the same time, if there is abuse happening with valid Wayspots being removed without reason, you know that we can report that. @invazorZim you may want to keep this in mind, and take a look at how to report Wayfarer abuse here (you are kept anonymous, BTW):

Respectfully, I tried talking to players actively abusing the systems in 2017-2018 for PoGo and it made things millions of times worse in-game and IRL.

Niantic didn’t do anything. I submitted probably 100+ instances of spoofing evidence, and verbal abuse via IGN. The trainers eventually got bored and left the game, but were never banned - just saw one of them resurface a few weeks ago.

I have a Dropbox folder of all of the instances, and email receipts for each one.

Talking to cheaters never works. Ban hammer, immediately and with no apology, is the only thing that works.

There are several local Ingress players in my area that have been going around reporting every trail marker they can find, and Niantic is removing them to this very day.