Why is it taking along time for a nomination to get approve?

As being level 42 on Pokémon go! I always be waiting for my poke stops to approve there should be no reason why I’m waiting years for it to approve y’all need to get a robot to auto approve correct location and historical and art please fix these issues in the game. I also have a bug in 2 of my research.

That is not a long time. This is a long time:


If you are talking about Pokemon Go game research, reach out to in-game support through the app. This team only does Wayfarer.

Years? These were all submitted in May?

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I’ve recently (last couple of weeks) had some nominations get approved in 24 hours, live in 48 (and not upgraded!).

I’ve some nominated before that still queued and some still in voting.

From my perspective, they were all fairly close to each other, so any rate limiting they do based upon location should probably have kept the approved ones behind.

But, anyway, I suspect that ones that are easy to review get approved by our peers first and the ones that require a bit more thought get skipped.