Why is m'y pokéstop Considered as a duplicate?

Hi everyone !

I live in a village with a touristic path represented by 12 panel places in 12 differents spots that treats 12 differents points of the village history and it’s link to watchmaking. For example, there is One about the industry, another about an Economic crisis. On the 12, 6-7 of them are already pokéstop. I’m proposing a missing One so people coming here can find it, read it, and so on. But it had been Considered as a duplicate.

I’ve done the “reclamation” with the appropriate button and explained that (of course, the concept was explained in “why is this Spot appropriate”).

But even with that, it has been Considered as duplicate and i don’t understand why.

Can someone explain to me ?

It already exists in the Wayfarer database.

However it doesn’t appear in Pokémon GO as you already have “Fontaine Pasquier” as the PokéStop for that cell.

The duplicate decision is correct


Hello @ragstein

Pokémon Go has certain spacing rules it applies when selecting which wayspots it will take from the database to use in the game.

The boxes in the picture above are called S2 level 17 cells, and you can only have one pokestop per cell.

Google PokemonGohub and S2 cells and you will find a very good article tgat explains their use in the game.

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