Why was this declined?

It’s historical, and they don’t even use it as a school anymore, so why’d it get declined?

Is it on the grounds of the Meeker school mentioned on the google map screenshot? Maybe that is what made people vote that way

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I don’t know if it’s technically on property of Meeker, but it’s close by

I would figure that out, and if it isnt, then when you resubmit, you can call that out in the nomination.

Old schools are often difficult to get approved, as are things close to schools, so you need to be persistent and have a very good nomination

Goes without saying, if it is inside Meeker property then it’s not eligible to be a waypoint

So with “no consensus” as a rejection reason, my guess is that your email says this was a “community” decision and not an “our team” one, so no worries that the ML model is flagging this. But I would also have marked it as on the property of the existing elementary school:

Is it something you’d appeal?

No, because the nomination doesnt address the school concerns so youll get it rejected for the same reason

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I would not appeal unless you have some property record proof you can submit to show that this is not on K-12 grounds.


You need to figure out if the board is on the property of the current school.

If it is, you cant submit it.

If it isn’t, you need to show very clearly in a new nomination that this board is not on school property. And be ready for more rejections regardless

I want to commend you for coming here to get feedback!