Why was this stop not accepted?

Could someone please explain to me how/why this does not meet the criteria?

Name: Mission Electric

Bus stop detailing Auckland’s plans to decarbonise public transport and adapt to climate change.
Supporting image:

Supporting info:
Notable publically accesible location with details about how people can learn more about their city.

What rejection reasons were stated? Does your email say “our team” or “the community” decided?

It says "our team:

"Unfortunately, our team has decided not to accept your Wayspot nomination.

Our team found it did not meet the criteria required to be accepted and has been rejected. This decision could be because of the title, description, location, photo, or a combination of criteria."

So it was rejected by ML, which means the community never voted on it.

It’s hard to see everything in the main photo, since it’s quite small, but it does appear that there may be a mural there, and that may be the better thing to focus on. A regular bus stop doesn’t meet criteria, so you have to be a bit more specific.


Welcome @FatMoiMoi
Wayfarer has computer programs that do a review of submissions.
This artificial Intelligence variant is Machine Learning which is what the ML referred to above stands for, and commonly referred to as Emily (eMiLy):sunglasses:
Your submission has been stopped at an early step as this review via Emily decided it was likely to be rejected. Emily can also decide that it is likely to be accepted and issue an accept.
So you might be able to turn this around.
Can you tell us more about this location the mural, and what exactly gets the green message across so we can help with this nomination.


The mural is located on a busy thoroughfare in the central business district, right between a number of large offices and on a heavily pedestrianised street. The mural is a graphic timeline showing how the city is electrifying public transport, demonstrating what work has been done in the previous ten years and what work will be completed out to 2030. The end result is the entire public transport network in the city will be 100% electrified.

The mural features pictures and infographs to help inform the public about the ongoing work. I’ve attached a better photo of the main section of the mural:

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for this.
Nice infographic. What a good thing to have whilst waiting on a bus.

I would resubmit but with a different approach.

I think the issue is what you have focussed on, especially in your picture.
This picture, close up and straight on of the mural/graphic is the sort of picture you want, what you submitted as the main is more like what the supplementary photo should be like (it gives context to the main photo). I like the bird I can see so maybe a section of the mural that includes that would be good.

The focus of the title and of the description should be on the the graphic / information not on the bus stop.

Your supporting text should say this is about exploration and describe the concept behind this feature, and if there are any links to websites about it include them too.

This is worth submitting.


Thank you so much! I’ll resubmit tomorrow :slight_smile: