Why wasn’t this accepted?

I don’t understand what is not right about my submission. I took the pictures. It’s a safe spot. The description isn’t even a necessity but I have tried to make it work twice now. I also don’t understand the reason why it was rejected.

Title: Brievenbus postnl
Description: Straatbrievenbussen moeten altijd voor iedereen bereikbaar zijn. Ook voor mensen die minder mobiel zijn. Brievenbussen moeten altijd voor dat je in woonwijken met meer dan 5.000 inwoners binnen een straal van 1 km een openbare brievenbus kan vinden.

I have also tried similar stop with this description:

Brievenbus van postnl

Additional info: (translated)

By making a pokestop out of this mailbox, more people will know it is there. It is an easily accessible place where you as a pedestrian can also take a break. It is located near routes so it can be added to a route.

Street mailbox postnl. Relevant for local residents. Not on private property. Own pictures. Correct information. No duplicate

From the “our team” email, this is being rejected by the Machine Learning model ai Niantic uses. If you feel that you can explain to Niantic reviewers how this is a GREAT place for exercise, exploration, or being social, then you can appeal it.

I do not see how this meets any criteria, and believe that it will be rejected by the ML model if you resubmit it every time. Repeat rejections sometimes say they are from “the community” but are too fast to be a regular voting decision.

FYI, referencing pokemon go in the supporting statement is not a good idea, since you are submitting a wayspot and not a pokestop. I know the prompt does not tell you that.

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Okay thank you for your tips

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Mailboxes for your country’s mail service aren’t seen as being distinct, as they tend to be very generic. In the US, most USPS mailboxes these days tend to be at generic and chain businesses, like grocery stores, convenience stores, malls, Walmarts, etc. None of these have Wayspots where I live, and most likely would get rejected. This is what USPS mailboxes in the US look like:

Now, one country that may be an exception is the UK, where mailboxes there have the insignia for whoever was king/queen at the time the mailbox was installed. For example, the insignia for the current monarch, King Charles III, is C III R, and new mailboxes will have this. There were over 75,000 UK mailboxes installed during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, so those aren’t considered historic enough at this time, as well as generic. Those with Queen Victoria up to King George VI’s insignias are fewer in numbers, and seen as being more historic.

There’s a thread about this, if you’re interested: UK Postboxes Topic

Slightly off topic but there are 17,000 George V boxes and just under 10,000 George VI boxes.

The difference between a GVI box and EIIR box may only be a year so I’m not sure history is a factor. Some of those early boxes are not in their original positions either and some are copies recreated in the 1980’s.

I don’t think there was ever a Niantic ruling on this but the UK community just seemed to decide en masse on the acceptability or not.