Mass-produced Object - Wayspot Appeal

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

So what makes these different than the one Saylor says meets criteria?
This was their response when I sent them the above images and locations:

Then another in regards to a link to criteria rejection on Wayfarer - for a generic, mass-produced object.

There was another wayspot that is generic and mass-produced that I also reported via the Wayspot Removal form and another Niantic member Zachary responded back with similar verbatim/stock responses as Saylor did above.
If this wayspot is allowed then basically anything that is accessible should be allowed regardless of criteria for exercise, socialize, or explore. As the mailbox doesn’t offer that. This is not a “Post Office” and perhaps they don’t see that.

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The unfortunate thing is that eligibility criteria and removal criteria are not the same. If an ineligible (not a great place to explore, exercise or socialize) POI makes it into the database, it can only be removed for a handful of reasons, like unsafe pedestrian access, it’s been permanently removed, or it exists on PRP or under-18 school grounds. Frustrating because poor wayspots encourage more poor wayspot submissions, but the current Niantic rules.


It’s a weird dichotomy.

Imagine going to a park and one day being told it’s a public place anyone can sit here and a week later the park manager saying you are loitering with intent.

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Both have terrible photos but it looka like ones painted

This is the wayspot photo
The other snapshots were just google streetview. I was just showing a bunch of random examples around town. How “distinct” it isn’t. It is a “wrap” like many of the power or electrical boxes around. We do get the odd multiple, but most of the newer ones are images/photos taken from provincial or municipal archives for the wrapped boxes.
This is a wrap done for Canada Post, so across Canada and as you can see here it is the same wrap. So each box is wrapped identically.

I know it is hard to get things removed that would be ineligible and yes likely why we have many not great submissions coming up. Something like this, which I don’t even think should have been approved in the first place since it wasn’t “artistic” or different. I know when they first came out I thought they looked nice, but then you realize it is every box. Although they are downsizing where the boxes are, so there are actually less of them. This is downtown, so likely will turn into one box before they remove it altogether.

The other wayspot I will leave since I won’t even do an appeal if this gets approved, because I would have the other team in ingress annoyed, plus pokemon go players. Since the other wayspot is a boring mailbox too, but it is a showcase and an anchor for one individual player. I just take the portal when I am visiting clients in the nation. Last time I removed a wayspot that was a showcase but “permanently removed”, that started a big ruckess because another one did not pop up in the area even after several newer stops were approved.

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Yup a postbox it’s valid

Valid how? As a wayspot? Mailboxes are not typically “valid” unless they are unique or distinct. These are essentially mass-produced objects and the wrap is the same on each one.
Post Offices are considered eligible. I believe in the UK there are many boxes usually, but they are in their own category and have reasons for why they are approved. Many due to historical importance.

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I’m smoe country they are the only postal service in town and normally very central in a pedestrian área

Those aren’t the eligibility criteria. It still needs to be either a great place to exercise, explore, or socialize.

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Being the only thing in town makes it all of them :joy:

Surprised none of the UK Wayfarers are in here yet making their thoughts known…

Even though this wrap was created by Canada Post to combat graffiti, it’s still an artistic design, and I don’t think it’s on every post box in the country, especially in rural areas or post boxes that are inside, such as at a grocery store or mall. I look at it similar to cities that have art installed on utility boxes, sometimes to combat graffiti, other times to bring some art to the area.

But if every single mailbox in the area looks exactly the same, it’s still not a great place to explore……which one would pick?


Yeah, no.

Yeah it’s a bit of nothing but if you’re ever in a little drop in the middle of the karoo, you’ll get a church a pub and a mailbox and it’s rather hang out at the mailbox :joy:

Pick the one in the center

Ours are not judged on their artistic merit or lack of.
Ours are 'istorically worvy items, innit M8.


There are residential areas that lack wayspots, so your point is I can start submitting this and calling it artistic? Yes it is “similar” to the power box wraps. But it is the same wrap used across Canada. Yes there are still some older boxes out there. Since power box or electrical wraps still are eligible.
I actually don’t know where an inside post box would be. Aside from the post offices.
There was a review I had awhile ago of a metalwork on a power pole. It was not in the right spot, or perhaps it was updated. Support photo didn’t show the object so I had to reject it. It was either a rural or upgraded nomination. My point is that every power pole in that small town had this metal design of an object. No matter which street I went up and down on streetview. I guess all those would be eligible since technically yes you can walk around the area and maybe look at them. This is when something is considered not unique or distinct. Like the memorial benches.
If every power box in town had a starfish art wrap then I think they wouldn’t be considered eligible either. Whereas I think there is a mission to go to all 8 or 10 in the large city, although many have been updated with more unique photo wraps.

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I think you need to keep in mind that removal criteria is much more strict than approval criteria. We can only request removal if something has been permanently removed, has no pedestrian access, is on PRP, a school, obstructs emergency services, or is a duplicate of another Wayspot in the area. This post box doesn’t meet any of these reasons, so I doubt you’ll get a reversal here and have it removed.

@Ambassadors Any of you have thoughts on this?


You summed up the eligibility - removal criteria loophole well.