Wow, there's some serious backlog cleaning going on here

My last review was exactly five months ago, according to my records, but I still look at my stats basically every day. Typically after about 2-3 months I might maybe see one agreement rolling in every few weeks based on past experience.

In the last day I’ve gotten 25 agreements, and I got roughly 15 the day before that.

I still have two edits from 2022 that are still in voting but a few that have been lounging around in voting forever have finally resolved.

Yay progress!


Another 19 since I posted this.

My stats aren’t going up, though, so they must all be edits/photos.

I wasn’t sure whether or not edits counted - I’ve seen some posts suggesting they do. It would be good to know definitively, as trying to get a rating back up will be hampered by spending time on edits if they don’t count.

If you are in the US, Japan, or Germany, it’s most likely due to the current global challenge. I myself live in the US, and have added on about 11 upgrades since US submissions and edits were added in. This is most likely due to me reviewing nominations and edits in rural areas that didn’t have decisions yet, and now they have been decided upon. My bonus location is set to a rural area, so that helps.

I’m in the US, yes. My home location is in the UK and my bonus location is… actually, I have no clue, lemme look… Oban, Scotland.

It’s just mind-boggling to me that I have so many edit reviews pending resolution even after not reviewing anything for half a year. It seems like something was seriously broken under the hood such that edits lapsed forever.