3 Pokestops just vanished in just one week from one cell

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Vogue Villa Fitness Gym
  • Location (lat/lon):17.4791582, 78.4957631
  • City: Hyderabad
  • Country:India
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information): These were 3 Niantic Pokestops in this location and just vanished from the area put of nowhere
  • Additional Information (if any):We have been using those spots for over 2 years
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from one cell

Assuming we’re talking about a level 17 s2 cell, this may have been part of Niantic’s efforts to enforce the inclusion criteria in Pokemon Go in areas where it hasn’t previously been respected.

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Nah it was a single cell there was quiet distance from all 3 stops so to answer your question no non were in the same cell rather all were not in one cell

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Complexion and another beauty parlour are still on the map.

What is/was the third that disappeared?

Is this where Complexions, Allys a c and Anahata Yoga were previously?

Is it possible can you please help me get them back it’s a big big big request please

Those are not the stops bro those pokestops are still on the map

The stops I am referring to used to go by the name Vogue Villa , I Care Old Age Home and another stop I cannot remember the name

Sorry bro there’s not much I can do about it.

The only thing I can think of is to find something else to submit in the area.

‘I Care Old Age Home’ sounds like something that should be removed for being a sensitive location. What kind of location was Vogue Villa? A private home?
Is it possible that the three Wayspots were ineligible locations and someone came by and requested removal for them through GO or Ingress?

A care home isnt a sensitive location, it’s a place where people with additional needs live - not a single family private residence and who is to say no one there likes to play games? I would view it as similar to apartment blocks, where the shared areas are okay for submissions.

This kind of location may have eligible items there, however I’d probably have expected to see those items be the waypoints, not the care home itself. For example gardens, sports and fitness facilities, areas to socialise, artwork, decorative fountains.


I disagree as people who live there “have no choice”. Many of these home have residents with Dementia as well. They don’t need people running around catching Pokémon and what not. Some of these types of homes also have people with Autism, addiction issues, all kinds of situations that should definitely make us go in a big circle around them when we do Wayfarer.
I always reject these kinds of locations when reviewing, out of respect for the people who live there because they have to.
Playgrounds/fountains, MAYBE. But the care center/home itself, big NO.
It also really depends on the place, but generally I think these places are horrible Wayspot candidates.

I “have autism”, shouldnt I play either?


Has nothing to do with it. Of course you can play. This is about Wayfarer locations though.

I just think it sucks that if someone is disabled, ill, or elderly and needs support for their day to day living, that somehow they get treated as if they’re a child?

A care home isnt a sensitive location, it’s open to visitors, residents live, socialise and exercise there, and I see absolutely no reason to deny waypoints there in the same way as a school or graveyard.

Things could be accepted there on their own merit, in the same way as at other locations that are not listed as being categorically ineligible


Since it’s Hyderabad I’d imagine they were added when Niantic management decided they would eschew the system they created starting with OPR and dumped hundreds of thousands of ineligible Wayspots in India because they wanted to populate an area they saw as an upcoming market.

They are going to be busy if they start removing all these

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It does s*ck to be disabled, elderly or ill if you are not able to go through a day without support from professionals living on the site you live at because you have to.
Sparing people in this situation for weird game activities (not everyone plays Pokémon etc!) is done out of respect, not wanting to treat someone as a child.

I remember having kind of the same debate, but about a cancer ward at a hospital. Someone argued that the sick people could enjoy the game from their hospital beds then, but to me it’s more about sparing those that just really want and need calm and quiet around them (imagine if it was a gym and people were raiding and being loud, or “agents” were creeping around hacking portals and looking all agent-ish, lol). The respect for the ones who don’t benefit from a Wayspot in these type of locations will always have the “final saying” when I vote than the nice-to-have benefit it would give those who are bored.

Having played a lot of Go from the cancer ward, can 100% say I never saw another player there, and it was a welcome distraction


I would not remove a sign for an assisted living place for being “sensitive,” but I would have rejected one in the first place for the same reasons I reject apartment building signs. And I could see the property owners there asking to have the Pokestops removed if players are being a nuisance.

Yeah I wouldn’t approve the submission for a care home itself, just because it doesn’t necessarily meet critieria, but have no issue with items on the premises. Same for hospitals - certain areas are a no, but other things, which may or may not be next to cancer wards, can be fine


Glad to see you using past tense, hope it stays in the past. :pray: :heart:
I still feel the same way about these places when it comes to Wayfarer and the games. While you may have enjoyed it, someone else might really not.
So let’s agree to disagree. I think this is a really good example of personal good judgment and how they are not always the same.

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