Actualizaciónes de Wayspot

Buenas ayer hubo actualización de Wayspot aceptadas ? Como ya no puedo ver si es por ocupar la misma celda y estos días atrás hubo problemas. Gracias

Welcome @vcrr7
Did your wayspot appear today?
If not if you would like to provide the name of the wayspot and the location (co ordinates work well) we can check if there is a problem, although it is likely to be that it hasn’t met the game selection rules.

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Pues esta es la parada aceptada en concreto

Las coordenadas en concreto Nose cómo sacarlas

I found it……
But it shares a S2 Level 17 cell with 2 others -the cells are the boxes bound by green or orange lines.

Either Tobogan Francisco de Goya
or Pistas de baloncesto para todos los publicos
Should be in Pokémon Go.
The selection means that Pokémon go only picks 1 wayspot for every Level 17 cell. This means yours won’t appear.
Google pokemongohub and S2 cells there is a good explanation about the cells.

If you submit this other court at the Red Cross there is nothing else in that cell at the moment so it should create a pokestop.

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