Adjusted rejected POI get instantly rejected by the algorithm?

I noticed that no matter what changes i make to POIs that already got rejected once, the algorithm just instantly rejects it after ~24h.
I’ve tried changing both pictures, improving the description and additional information, even varying the name and location. No matter what i do it just seems to be in vain. On most of my rejected POIs I can’t even make out why they got rejected in the first place since they seem to fit all criteria and there are many similar POIs in the game. So without a clear direction for improvement from niantic and without the ability to try again with changes I truly do not know what to do with my good POI suggestions. I will try to post some of my nominations here, can somebody please explain to me why POIs get instantly rejected and what to do about it.

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I have seen other reports that once a nomination has been rejected, the Machine Learning model “learns” that this submission is bad and rejects it immediately. This is why it is important to appeal rejections that it should not have rejected. You should probably ask for opinions in Nomination Support before making an appeal for a specific rejection.

That said, I have been able to resubmit with a different photo and not have it be rejected immediately. When I used the same photo, it was.


I’ve had a nomination rejected, not by Emily though. Then resubmitted and it’s back in queue for 6 days and in voting for 14.