Rejected nominations randomly put in voting or appealed

For the past month or so many of my rejected nominations (usually ML rejected) are being randomly appealed or voted on the community. I’ve had three rejected nominations get appealed, I would get an email from Niantic saying “Thanks for the appeal!” but I never appealed? And now I wake up to an email saying “The community has decided…” and it’s for a nomination rejected by ML more than a month ago.

I’m not even using wayfarer anymore, why all of a sudden these random decisions? Where were these in Feb when I was banging my head against the wall on rejects? lol

Hi! I explained this exact situation like one hour ago for other user: Appeal that I didn't appeal
This is working as intended. ML had some technical issues between some weeks in March, they did an official topic to explain the situation. Here you have it to read it ^^ : ML Review Hiccup and Automatic Appeals for Rejected Nominations