Alternative Special Needs School?

Came across this school when reviewing: Boston Higashi School-Autism
There are lots of wayspots at this location. I am fairly certain location is off on many of them, although that is beside the point. However, would you consider this a school as it supports those ages 3-22? It appears to have both day and residential students, including a summer program. An amazing school for those who have extra needs. Their motto is helping Children with Autism Exceed Expectations. Technically they would be doing k-12 but include general life skills etc.They have older students as kids tend to be behind and continuing learning basic day to day skills is important.
I selected Schools on my review, clearly wayspots are there so I will not have an agreement. As a parent and to one with autism I would want this treated like that. Although, I know my child enjoys pokemon and ingress, which both help him navigate the local area.
Would you consider this a school?

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Many with autism and other disabilities are able to attend school up into their early 20s. I personally know someone with autism that graduated from high school when they were 21.

So, do I consider this a school? Yes, especially since those under the age of 18 are able to attend. Also, looking up this school, they have both day and boarding school options, so they are also housing students.

Also, the day program there is divided into elementary, middle, and high school, with those between 19-22 usually being in a transition program.

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Thanks for the input! I will look further into this and maybe put in the reports as someone else indicated. See how that goes.

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It sounds that the clear majority of those using the location are under 18. If there had been a different balance, or if there is a separate facility for those over 18 then that might have been ok as a large element is often about the social side. But as it is under 18 then the pokestops should not be there.
So the fact that there are several present means they should go.

It bothers me what the impact of them just disappearing suddenly with no explanation might be. It is a confusing situation for anyone when favourite pokestops go. An unannounced and unexplained removal might have a very heavy impact on a few vulnerable individuals. But it is what it is.


Considering the sensitive nature of the location in question, we have retired the Wayspots at this location.

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Oh thanks for looking at this!

This could be disastrous.

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