Appeal Process Length of Time?

So my contribution was rejected since no category existed it fit under. Which I am sure I’m not the first person to nomination an RV park entrance as a Pokestop. Lots of people live at the place and people are passing through it all the time.

It only had a short wait until it was voted on before quicky getting shot down. How is it the middle of a parking lot can become a Pokestop or a metal generic looking car gate become one too? Those are just two examples of Pokestops I’ve encountered which location-wise make a person want to scratch their head in puzzlement about in how the heck?

How long does the appeal process take? Because it was voted down faster.

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Niantic asks us to nominate and vote on Wayspots that are Great place to socialize, exercise, or explore. I’m not sure that i understand how an RV park would match one or more of these criteria.

Unfortunately we cannot look at other in game Wayspots an assume they meet current criteria. The ones you have mentioned don’t sound like they match up or are even good quality.

Please consider sharing your nomination in the Nomination Support area before and folks can help with advice before you submit. About the Nomination Support category


It depends on how many appeals are in the appeals queue, which is reviewed by appeals team members. Niantic has been trying to get it down to a couple of days, but it has taken weeks, even months, at times. They are trying for around 48 hours these days, but it’s not a guarantee.

As for your nomination, I’m having a hard time actually figuring out what this is supposed to be, as your screenshot is super small. To me, it seems like an individual RV spot that one can rent out from the title, not a spot place marking the entire RV park or another place there that meets criteria. I could see it being rejected by the appeals team if it’s a place to park an RV at a RV park.

Are you able to provide a larger screenshot with more information about your nomination? You do not need to use a 3rd party image service to post images here.

I didn’t think it would be right to directly photo anyone’s home. The postal boxes have been up for years and they are right by the Admin. building.

Mailboxes are not a place to:

  • exercise
  • explore
  • be social

If you don’t accomplish one of those 3 things at a location, then it is not eligible.


I used them as a landmark. The place in question is an RV/Mobile Home Park. The sign for the park contains the personal phone number of the landlord and I didn’t think that in the photo would be appropriate. The whole park can’t be squeezed into a single photo. The mail boxes are something everyone in the park goes to and they have been up for years.

OK, but how does a sign for an RV park meet one of these:

  • exercise
  • explore
  • be social

I might accept an RV park that is more like a campsite where people only visit. But the images in the background look like this is a mobile home park where people live permanently.


Social and exercise.

. As said before many people live there and people are coming & going from it all the time.
. Second, people jog and bike through there daily.

Lots of people have lived in the park for years. Overnight campers are rare.

So can you not socialize at a mailbox?

Give people credit. Be nice. Everyone’s work is appreciated. Have a good day and take care.

While people exercise, they happen to walk by lots of things. Do they go to the sign specifically to exercise? Is the sign designed for exercise?

Do people hang out at the sign to socialize?

People typically socialize in places like picnic areas, under shelters, etc. They don’t say to each other, “We haven’t seen each other in a while, let’s meet up at the RV park sign.”


This isn’t about being nice. This is about understanding that Wayfarer has criteria. When people don’t submit with the criteria in mind, they set themselves up for failure and frustration. People could socialize in a ditch but that doesn’t make it a good POI for socializing.

(When I was younger we used to play games that required us to hide outside at night. During one of my most favorite memories of that game, my cousin and I were hiding in a ditch with a couple of friends laughing and telling jokes. That doesn’t mean that I advocate for ditches to be social POI.)


lol i get where your head is at. I’m thinking more of areas really really needing a stop but this is definitely a stretch.

My friend just had a pay phone denied. I’m upset i can’t do routes to the pay phone. The puns would have been worth the time.

Also thank you for the info and tips for nominations!!!


I wish it was easier to find qualified POI in rural areas, unfortunately that’s not how WF works … so far. Maybe one day it will be different.

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Ms. Seaprincesshnd, you sound like you want this to be shot down no matter what is said. To your logic, please explain this?

In numerous places of League City, Texas are tiny murals painted on electrical boxes at busy street intersections. No one can spin a Pokestop sign at these unless they are stopped by a red light. But many of these Pokestops exist all over League City. How are these worthy spots?

I’m explaining Wayfarer criteria to you. Have you read the pages that tell you what makes a good POI? When we first start submitting POI through Pokemon GO, we think “more stops = better.” But that’s not how Wayfarer works. In order for a POI to be approved and added to the map, it has to be eligible.

I’m trying to help.

Pelican Jax might be eligible if it is not a 21+ bar. If it’s a place that serves food to people of all ages, it should qualify under Social with a good write up.


I read the criteria in full but you didn’t answer my question. If a busy place where many people live doesn’t qualify than how come electric box mini murals at traffic intersections where no one can be more than a minute or so be better spots?

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I’m so confused by this example. Can people not walk over to the Utility box and interact with it? If not it should be denied for lack of safe pedestrian access.

Otherwise you are implying that you are playing from your car! This is not safe at all and that is why there are speed locks, etc…!

Quoting an expert “It’s not that far, get out of your car!”

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I once noted dozens of these spots while riding a bus one day and no I wasn’t the driver.

Art is seen as a great place to explore. Art lifts the senses and gives an area a feeling of belonging.

You can probably get these picnic tables approved at La Salle Park if you place the pin on the edge of the concrete pad close to the street.

You can also add the second baseball field - place the pin where the black X is in this photo.


If they are along a public sidewalk they are eligible. I’m considering the decorated ones of course. These fall under explore for their artwork.