Bans and rating drop

I have an issue with wayfarer.

I reviewed over 2000 nominations in last few years.
Somehow in 04.2024 something went wrong.
In 24h my rating dropped from Great to Fair for some reason, not sure why.
Also i am keep getting banned for no reason - I mean 2h cooldown.
Before 04.2024 i was getting banned after 50 reviews or above.
Now i am literally getting banned after 10 reviews!
It says that my reviews might be not accurate but they are not.
In my location (PL) there are tones of Crosses, Chapels etc. They are all very similar thats why my reviews are also similar…
Second most reviewed nominations are Graffitis/Murals. They are tricky tho. Some of them are not acceptable but most of them are OK.
Is there any solution for this?

I really want to get my rating back and also i dont want ban every few minutes for no reason. My goal is to build an infrastructure in my city by reviewing lots of nominations to gain “upgrades”.

Thank you!

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Cool downs are not bans. I know they are fruatrating to work around. But its important to use the right language since people actually do get banned from Wayfarer for abusive behavior.


Hi @dnbop
First at all - you’re not alone! You can surch here in the forum and could find more people who got this problem recently (rating went down).

When I review I do ever 5 or 10 in a row, to get in flow and then stop. Sometimes I do it later the day again, or I wait 1-2 days and watch the wheels movement.

I think the other part could be, that niantic told us, that the recent reviews be a bit more tricky (the ML catches the easy going ones).
That’s wayfarer level 2!

F.e.: yesterday I did a review for an old cross included in a wall. Looks very interesting! Save pedestrian access…
Than I saw on satellite that this is a outsidewall from a villa. I have to google how this villa is recently be used (found nothing :thinking: - not business used), went to streetview and saw only one bell on the entry fence. Result: private property.
The last days there seemed to be only stuff like this.

Don’t give up and take your time.


If you are getting a lot of cooldowns then you probably need to take longer over each review. Try to take about 30 secs per review. - even if it looks like a very quick decision. The rhythm of your reviews probably needs to be slower. See if that plus the advice given above over a week or so starts to improve the frequency of cool-downs and if over a few weeks your rating improves, which should also help with cooldowns.

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Mine is poor when it has always been great. I haven’t changed the way I review apart from when criteria is updated. Yet I still see things that are fake, feature license plates, faces, animals and other stuff getting accepted so I guess that’s why mine is down. Not to mention the hundreds of nominations using 3rd party photos coming out of France daily. Especially Calais.

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I have been reviewing thousands of nomination in France for months and my rating didn’t drop in any moment. I can recommend you to report every 3PP you review.

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If I did report every third party photo it would take me months. And that’s not an exaggeration. I reviewed one today. It was actually a duplicate so I have no idea why they bothered. It has what appeared to be a good picture already but those who can’t see the nomination is using a 3rd party photo will just duplicate it and add the invalid image to the waypoint. And although I don’t have any evidence I strongly suspect it was done deliberately. The nomination didn’t go into much effort to get it approved, the description was lacking any detail.

I’m having the same problem. Last few weeks my Wayfarer medal in Pokemon go has been going up 20-50 per day - it now hasn’t gone up in the last four, my rating has dropped to “Fair” and I’m getting cooldowns for no apparent reason. I just want the platinum medal then I’ll never review again, and it’s like Niantic is deliberately trying to impede me from doing so.

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If the system thinks you are going through each nomination too fast, it will put you in cool down. It is there to prevent people from jus mindlessly accepting/ decling nominations/ prevent abuse.

If you are reviewing too quickly the system thinks you are not paying attention to what you are reviewing, and is not going to continue to put nominations infront of you to vote on.

Having a great standing in reviews is all about common sense.

I spend quite some time reviewing and still get cool downs sometimes after just 3 reviews. I check the pictures, google maps and often spend some time actually trying to find the object that has been nominated. But still get cool downs. Probably because I get 3/4 in a row I have to reject. Only to find that they have been accepted some time later. We may as well let the AI get on with it

literally in the same boat. Always had a great rating and suddenly dropped to fair when my badge got to 1,173. Feels like ill never get the badge now which just sucks