Demoralized wayfarer

I’ve done 0 reviews in the last week and a half because my rating dropped to fair. I think the reviewer rating just needs to go away.

I am doing less and less reviews because i get upset right away seeing my fair rating.

Just change everyone’s rating to awesome, because we all know that we all are!!!

Let us do reviews to clear out the queue. I upgraded something that was in the queue 3 weeks ago and it is still sitting in queue, not even in voting yet.



You’re not alone:


It’s ok to have a quick rant about this issue because it is deeply frustrating.
The main thread about this is in the bugs area

It’s not a good situation to have so many people having the same issue. It’s cold comfort but you are not not alone. They are looking into it.


I don’t blame other people for quitting. I’m still reviewing to try and get other people’s portals accepted/rejected even if mine can’t.

It’s just incredibly annoying that we haven’t even heard anything back yet. They just said, “We’re looking into it” and left it at that.


These things take time. It is frustrating when you don’t hear anything, but it is being looked into.

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I’m basically down to only voting on stuff I am certain won’t go sideways and skipping the rest just to be sure. :thinking:

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Does the rating mean much? Are there any disadvantages of having a less-than-great rating? I’ve never really thought about it.

I’m one of those with a recent ratings drop - probably five years at Great, and now currently on Fair since the challenge (well, sometimes Good, sometimes Fair). I’ve stopped worrying about it, but should I worry? :smile: :woman_shrugging:

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Your vote will count for more when you are voting on local or even your own submissions. :sweat_smile: I also think you won’t get any progress on your PoGo/Ingress Wayfarer medal if your rating is poor. :thinking:

Ohh, never realised… Well, good to know :grin:. Thanks.

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Yes, you have to have a Good or Great rating for your agreements to count towards the PoGo/Ingress medals.

Also, some of what may have been happening may be due to the version that was rolled back this weekend. While the key change was removing the ability to withdraw edits, it also rolled back other features that have been affecting Wayfarer. They noted that the tech problems being worked on have been affecting several aspects of Wayfarer, including user experience.

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I feel you. I’m doing less and less reviews a day because my rating is stuck at fair (again) after the challenge. Why should I do any more if they wont count towards my platinum medal and my rating doesn’t change. As soon as I get it, I’m forever done with reviews outside of challenges. These approvals are all based on someone’s opinion if a stop should be approved and doubt anyone is actually following the criteria when reviewing.


wow what a scam. so now that im at fair, my agreements dont count. what a joke!!!

They do still count in voting, but way less than they would if your rating was good or great.

They don’t count towards any in-game medals though.

thank you!!!

back to doing reviews!!!

Welcome back :grinning:

Thanks for the t-shirt at Go Fest.

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@1SteveLaff glad you got a T-shirt.
20 days ago you were feeling demoralised.
How are things now?

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awesome, thank you for asking. reviewing doesn’t make me sad anymore. I’ll go for platinum badge now.

hopefully i can get more people in my area to review and get things moving through the queue quicker again.


That is quite a turn around, glad the community here could help.
Happy reviewing :sunglasses: