Can a location request be canceled?

Yesterday I was trying to edit the location of a pokestop, and a request was sent from the game.

Now it appears in queue, but I managed to get the adjustment to be done through support and it is no longer necessary.

Also, when I tried to do it through the game, the change of location did not allow me to locate the map where it needed to be, so it stayed at the wrong point.

In short, the edit is already done, but I wouldn’t want it to be reverted with the request queued.

They understand that we need to be able to withdraw edits, but at the present time, we can’t.


Hey @Dreivan, I have rejected your referenced location edit request.


Thank you so much!!! :pray:t2: I really appreciate it very much!!!

That’s nice for Dreivan, but it’s a onetime fix to a milliontime problem.

When help desk handles ANY wayspot change request, it should look at everything currently submitted. Incorporate the acceptable ones, and cancel / reject the others. Leave nothing hanging.

For example, anytime a Wayspot is removed - Niantic should also remove all outstanding requests for that Wayspot.

I definitely think that when Niantic takes action on a wayspot they should clear out pending changes for whatever elements they’ve “corrected”, and while I can see the desire to have them also make other corrections at the same time, I worry about the effects this would have.

For a while, mentioning that someone (anyone) might have sponsored something became quite popular, thanks to how it affected nominations. If the same people who found opportunities to mention sponsorships (or virginity) learned that they could upgrade various edits through unrelated help chat tickets, it could become similarly problematic.