Categories are not displayed correctly when submitting an application from the Pokémon GO app with Japanese settings

When I submit a Wayspot from the PokémonGO app with Japanese settings, the categories are not displayed correctly. Look at the category selection screen on the first level.
There are choices from art to food retail, but from there down to 22 choices from garden to waterbody, there are no choices.

Next, I want you to look at the problematic areas in the second category.
Athletic field and athletic court. Both the athletic field and athletic court are listed as “運動場” in the Japanese settings, so there is no way to tell the difference between the two. Try putting the two together and you will see that there is clearly something wrong.

Look at the food retail options. Clearly, there are not enough choices in the Japanese setting.

We Japanese Wayfinders have been dealing with this bug for over 2 years. When we submit a Wayspot, we either switch to the English setting or use the options left in the Japanese setting. When we submit a Wayspot for a restaurant with Japanese settings, we have no choice but to select the building. I understand that you are busy, but please fix it.

Thanks for sharing your experience of this. @NianticThibs @NianticTintino I suggest for this to be escalated to the appropriate teams, this is fairly nomination-breaking.

@Tntnnbltn has also observed this issue to happen with Korean language settings so probably worth adding to this report that it’s not only Japanese.


I just checked and Korean has been fixed it seems since our original bug report.

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Cool, thanks for verifying!

Thank you for your support. I will wait and hope for improvement.

When I woke up this morning, it was all over social media that the category selection was fixed. Thank you.

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