Confirmed, the edit system is messed up

It’s GREAT that this is added, but it proves the system is majorly broken!

Why are edits in small rural areas taking over two years to get a verdict??

Why are edits in small rural areas spending over a year and a half in queue??!

Why is there no option to delete an edit?

It’s so bad that I got edits where the ‘Current Wayspot Description/title’ is the exact same text as ‘Your Edit.’ due to multiple edit submissions by multiplayers trying to make a fix and one edit actually got all the way through to a verdict.

Why can’t the AI robot go through all these??


There’s already a discussion about this here:

That’s completely different. That’s where we’re all waiting for it to go live.

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Submitted March 2023 - Still In voting

Submitted April 2024 - Accepted immediately

I guess I forgot about it… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Nope, it’s also to discuss what it looks like when it does go live.

It doesn’t have anything to do with “small rural areas”. EVERYONE has edits that old (if they were playing that long ago, lol).

I’m in the suburbs of a big city. My oldest unresolved are: title edit July 2022. Description and location edits Sept 2022. Photo April 2023.

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That thread is a train wreck. I hate it when a bunch of topics get buried in a big chain. It’s like ADHD gone crazy. No organization. Many personality types find that frustrating and even horrifying.

I know, I know - it’s a great way for Niantic to say things that no one can find later (and very few find now). That’s a benefit to Niantic, but not to us. We’re better able to find things later (and now) if different topics get different threads.


I agree, its hard to follow when a thread gets long and disjointed, especially with this new forum where is often unclear who is replying to whom. Its all a bit clunky.

I would hope that any official Niantic clarifications would get their own proper thread and be updated on the criteria pages, unfortunatley that seems like too much common sense for them to manage. I do wonder why they jump in random threads with these things and confuse things further.