Cycle trail waypoint removed for no reason

  • Wayspot Title: Bears Way cycle trail Dumgoyne Ave

  • Location (lat/lon): 55.9403231, -4.3290186

  • City: Milngavie, Glasgow

  • Country: Scotland

  • Screenshot of the Accaptance email and

  • Additional Information (if any): this was accpted on appeal, it is not on prp, it is not temporary and is still there, so i have absolutley no idea why the waypoint was removed.

To add to this, it was a gym that people were using, so my guess is this is a malicious removal request, im showcked it got accepted for removal as it doesnt meet any removal criteria

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Picture taken right now, showing its still there and not on prp (its outside of the boundary line)

Sorry, that was the google maps picyure, this is the current one

I can confirm it was still there at 1800 ish Sunday 16/6, when I did a raid on the gym. Very annoying that it became a gym and then vanished. If it gets put in, leave it there! When it goes back, as it should, it needs to be the same stop becoming the gym. Please stop messing with the game like this, once a stop is in, it should by default stay.

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This was a very well used and well loved gym and stop by all the community. It has been maliciously reported as it does not break any of the rules. It was as mentioned, passed on appeal by niantic staff. This is why people lose motivation to play. Hopefully it gets brought back and restored to a gym as it once was.

This appears to be a city or municipality banner. I would think it is mass produced. I am surprised it was approved.

Its part of an approved cycle trail

It is an unusual marker (certainly not like anything I’ve seen in England), but the trail does have a listing on the local authority website and there is a map elsewhere on the site that does show the route. It seems like it should be valid to me.


I beleive the original submission i cluded links for the route as well

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Oh ok. I am not familiar with banners used as trail markers. Here we put them up to reference the municipality. They may change seasonally or for a special event.


Could you please provide a Map of the Bears Way cycle trail that confirms that this trail passes through Dumgoyne Ave?


Hi aaron

Unfortunately the maps arent fully up to date yet. This is the most current map i could find but its still a couple of years out of date. This mapnshows it going round eauther end of dumgoyne avenue, but the current route does include going through this avenue to conect both pathways. The banner does have a bearsway sign from what the locals tell me

(Apologies that its a pdf)

The marker in question that @gazzas89 refers to can be seen in the top right corner and shows that it is a an official route marker and a mark showing it connects paths (2 marks in the top right corner).

This route is used daily by many of the locals in the area. It has been in situ for less than 2 weeks and was maliciously reported. From the OP we can see that it was also passed on appeal by Niantic staff not the community.

I do genuinely hope Niantic look at this fairly. I understand that some people think cycle markers and route markers are becoming about 90 percent of POIs but this one, in my opinion hits all of the criteria.

-It encourages exploration of the local area
-It was well used by people as demonstrated by people in the local area who did raids at the gym there so great for people being social.
-it encourages exercise

It has also been proven its a documented (via the LA website above posted and the map posted) protected route. I can confirm the link that @hankwolfman posted is a link to the bearsway LA website, thank you for posting that Hankwolfman :smiley:

Malicious reports are really ruining the game at the moment.

I am honestly as shocked as many others this POI was removed

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What’s the deal if someone reports a stop? Should it not go back into the review queue?

There are checks and balances in place to identify abuse of the submission system but looks like there is a gap in malicious reporting…

Really surprised at how quickly this was incorrectly removed given how long subs can take.

Hopefully Niantic can address the return of this POI as quickly as it was incorrectly removed.


Malicious reporters, especially where its clear the stop exists and can be seen clearly and can be documented etc should imo have action taken against them for reporting. Like @ARealHero says, theres a gap in malicious reporting. Over x amount of months wait for approval (went through on appeal) and under 2 weeks to have it removed seems like a very flawed system.

In this instance, it is documented, it can be seen on google maps, people have confirmed its unique to the area and we have provided links to the LA website. Its clear even from street view its not on PRP.

Genuinely hope it gets returned as fast as it incorrectly removed also.

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Trail Markers are eligible Wayspots and I will be happy to reinstate as soon as we are able to establish that this marker is part of an official trail. The trail map of Bears Way cycle trail does not list this location as part of this trail.

If you can provide any documented evidence that Bears Way cycle trail passes through Dumgoyne Ave, I’ll reinstate the Wayspot.

As i said, the maps arent fully up to date, bu the marker itself has the bearsway cycle marker on it, would tht nt be enough? Can i ask why it was removed in the firs tplace? As in my opinion it shouldnt have been removed

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The above pdf shows it going around and past it. Im not entirely sure what you mean by it not being part of the trail.

It was shown on the above LA site. It was shown on the most up to date map we have (we cant make EDC go any faster unfortunately i wish we could but local councils right? ) The map is a few years old but you can match it with the POI that was removed. The POI honestly at this point would be considered even as having historical reference.

I am local to the area as are many of us. I am unsure honestly how this was removed in the first place so easily. I can assure you it goes past the route in question and meets on both linked ends of the street.

This is more than eligible. Its honestly quite upsetting that someones maliciously reported this, its been removed and you can clearly see so much documented evidence that it exists yet you still want more documented evidence.

Did niantic take this much documented evidence from the people who reported it to have it removed? no hate , genuine question.

Lots of us here live in the area, we use the cycle route and we know that these trail markers are specific to these routes. Its been confirmed by maps and a link to the LA website. Often here, LA maps (as you can see from the one gazza linked) dont mention side streets or offshoots, Its very common for the area, That does not mean the route does not exist or that it does not pass through that particular street.

Just editing this to add for clarification are you saying that niantic staff should NOT have passed this POI on appeal? because it was passed on appeal. This was not community voted as passed. Yet “alleged” spoofers have maliciously reported it, had it removed with little to no evidence and now its just gone even though staff have approved an appeal on it in the first place AND we have provided a ton of supporting evidence on here? from multiple sources not just one.

further more and just to add on, the fact that it even HAS a trail marker in dumgoyne ave proves its part of the route

Appreciate NianticAaron’s continued engagement in this thread.

Highly unlikely for a Local Council to spend money on markers and additional signage for routes outwith designated cycling paths and trails, Especially in this case where the same markers can be found along the route found in the outdated council map.