Directional Sign Rejected

Hi my directional sign here got rejected but all the other similar signs i have submitted so far have been accepted.

Please can you share your description and supplemental text too?

The rejection reason is incorrect. Trails and markers got a recent re-clarification here.

There is a part which says

Is there a link you can add to confirm this is something eligible?

What sort of link? Isn’t it eligible anyway like you said?

Thank you.

As it notes, the website of the route/trail that the marker is for.

I’ve got the official whitefield golf club website as thats where the marker is placed.

Thank you.

That would be for the club though, not the trail that is marked.

An example would be submitting this trailmarker.

and then including the below link in supporting information to confirm the trail.

Does that help?

Ah understood, much appreciated Thank you.

Since public footpath markers are not technically a trail and can vary from a 200 year old walk from town to town a path through the golf course to a path that takes you around an industrial estate to Lidl and the little disc is only really a legal requirement you might have to put in a little bit of effort.

Every county in England is legally required to keep and regularly update records of public footpaths in their area called The Definitive Map with an accompanying Definitive Statement describing each path. Some of the 48 counties keep an online version of the map and some make it a bit more difficult to get going as far as making you go to them to get a paper copy :no_mouth:

This should let you search the Kent version.

Sorry, I read that as Whitehill, you obviously want Manchester not Kent.

You can sometimes find links to support your footpath walk on the ldwa although this is not official but a voluntary organisation.


Straighten up your main picture or the post whichever is easier

Do something like for the description

Marker on the Public Right Of Way through Whitehill Golf Course. This takes you from x to y past z etc.
Listen out for fore!

Add any links you have and a more general wooly bit about why it fits in with exercise, explore, socialise etc etc

Good luck :slight_smile:


The laws and definitive map only apply to most of England. I think Wales and NI have roughly the same laws and regulations.

Scotland has different laws. The 12 Inner London boroughs and the City Of London are not legally required to have a Definitive Map and prow.

@PinkSpot98 the advice you have been given about the photo and wording is good.

This is where you find info about the Public Rights of Way (PROW) locally

And this is the searchable map ….you can see the PROW. It is an old route so they had to build the footbridge across the motorway to keep it open. It links Whitefield to Phillips park.
So it’s a nice walking route in a built up area.
Providing all this info is what lifts this submission.
It is not about the marker but the route that you follow.


Ah brilliant thank you! Ill use this for my resubmission! Thanks i really appreciate that

I totally forgot that path leads to the routes towards Philips Park so thank you

This is really appreciated thanks so much

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I’ve resubmitted the nomination with proof of the map you showed me whilst also explaining it gives routes towards Philips Park.

No worries.

I think the Definitive Statement for yours is 31

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Thats the one yes, i appreciate that. Thank you :blush:

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