Don't think I will nominate anymore

I submitted two unique markets in our town. Then get rejected for “generic business”. The once name is even in Afrikaans which a language only spoken is South-Africa . There is no other shops like them in World I which I know of. Put so much effort in making these unique waypoint. Looking stupid as people look at you if your crazy.

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The part where you’ve put “This is not part of a chain, but a locally owned restaurant” isn’t something I’d put in the description but in the supporting information.

If I’ve found the right place on Facebook, and I was nominating it, I’d mention their changing menu as well as Jaffels that they do as well as any events (sadly they haven’t used their Events tab on Facebook since 2021) to highlight the social aspects.

I haven’t looked in to the second one yet, but I think the cafe/restaurant has some merit.

Decided unworthy for a wayspot for such a small details. Wow what a way to encourage to nominate POI😭. Not even going appel anymore because even then it still not good enough. Should I go and interview the owners. Live record them and submit then first at community to get actual nice POI unique. To get it approved. Sorry for dumping and sounding like an half empty person. Just frustrating to nominate actually POI then they get unaccepted. Then you scrol through the appeal section and another “trail maker”/" something in a mall that not even built a year ago gets approved"is approved, that the nominater could have put there for there own reasons. You end up with 7-10 POI’s in a single mall.


I think you just need to edit your nomination and resubmit for the cafe. Often you do need to indicate what is unique and important about it. There were some good suggestions and you mentioned supporting local as well. While it was pointed out that the statement about it being not part of a chain should go in the supporting information.

A local player nominated a shop in my area 3 times and it was rejected each time. They didn’t want to attempt again, but gave me bits of information about it. I looked into it and came up with some great information to add to show the importance of the shop and how it is different than others that provide some similar services.
I submitted it and it was approved.

Many players have some nominations that they need to put through a couple times before they are approved.
While some we need to just leave, despite them actually meeting criteria.

Nah I am just straight through done with nominations. It not worth putting so much time and effort something meaningfull to the our community. Being rejected. It my third time’s as well. And I did consult the community on this platform for advice. Still they got rejected. Soo no thanks.I done

Sorry you feel this way. Businesses are some of the hardest nominations, especially with “generic business” back as a rejection reason. I would have suggested that you try some easier nominations and then come back to these later. I know I definitely got better as I got more experience.

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I submitted one thing 10 times before it eventually accepted but doesn’t show up because someone else got tired of waiting and made a fake sign instead there.

So 3 times is super annoying but definitely not unusual

I think take a break, but come back to it when youre less angry. I have done that several times over the years. It helps me sometimes to just submit something easy and obvious when I’m out and about maybe in a different town, and it gets accepted easily, and that gives me a bit of encouragement to keep trying the other stuff.