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Hello, I am writing to you as I would like you to change the title, photo and description of a pokestop. In particular, where there was previously a tennis court (subject to a pokestop) now the municipality has created a padel court and a pickleball court, but unfortunately I cannot get these changes accepted because google street view is not updated. The new courts were finished in September last year, and I’d like, given the location, to make the subject of the pokestop a “Pickleball Field.” Afterwards I leave you and propose in order the title, description and photos of the new subject of the pokestop and then also photos of the area before and after the works of the municipality.

(I specify that these fields are located within an area of the municipality that includes a municipal park, and an area used as an apparatus center or with other 5-a-side football tennis and bowling fields)

Title: Campo da Pickleball

Description: Campo da pickleball del ClubOlimpia adiacente al parco comunale di via Paganelli a Sorisole


Some other photos of the area before and after the works of the municipality:

I am available for any clarifications

If you change the photo, title and description all to a different object then what is left of the wayspot? :slight_smile:

I would proceed differently. I have not checked the area but it sounds like the recently built tennis court is a new POI. Nominate it separately, let it undergo review. Take a lot of geotagged photos of the location. If the other court has been permanently removed then you could try placing a “Permanently removed” report in-game (be ready for this to get rejected), then you could either use the removal form linked at the top of this forum adding your photos as evidence, and if that still doesn’t work you could appeal on here.

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This is a community forum and Niantic staff rarely respond.

You can appeal edit rejections through Wayfarer help chat, which is available through the Wayfarer help pages.
If you want to try again through edits, it’s usually easiest to submit new photos from the same angle as original ones or with the same visual references, then submit the title/description changes after those are approved/updated.
Appealing through help chat might be the fastest option if the Pickleball court has directly replaced the former tennis courts. Although it looks like a new Pickleball court in addition to updated tennis courts to me, which might be better as two separate Wayspots :woman_shrugging:

All right! I’ll try with chat by sending photos from the same angle and with the same visual references. Actually, as you can see from the new photos, they have permanently installed two new courts on top of the old tennis court (gray surface), one for padle and the other for pickleball so the subject of the pokestop has been replaced. Since the tag of the old tennis court is located inside the new pickleball court, update the photo, title and description without deleting the pokestop so as not to miss the pokemon contests that take place in that pokestop and then create the new padle court pokestop next to it.
Thanks you!!

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