Edits being rejected for a series of art

I submitted multiple edits trying to correct murals across my city that are part of a art project called the Stars of Texas. Most of the titles were rejected by the automated system and one was rejected by a niantic reviewer. The only thing I can think of is the edits are being rejected because the system sees the word star in the original title and compares it to the mural being in the shape of a star.

link to the murals with their titles:
Star of Texas Art Project - City of Arlington (arlingtontx.gov)

I really don’t want to have to appeal around 20 edits.

Will resubmitting the edits with the name star be rejected for being similar to the rejected title edits?

I hope you get an answer about the edit. I tried to appeal a rejected name correction for an art series, and they removed the Wayspot instead of correcting the name: Restore Wayspot removed on title change request