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On the Wayfarer homepage, click on the three white lines on the top left. A little window should appear and the 4th link in the window is Contributions. That page will have all of your nominations and edits.

Do I understand correctly - the forum is only for rejected/removed wayspot appeals, the chat option is only for location edits over 10m, and all other appeals have to be done through APPEAL button on Contributions page, with the limit of 2 appeals every 20 days? I will be doing appeals for next 10 years in such case! :laughing:

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further changes are needed, as you say it’s simply not a workable situation right now. especially with ML auto rejecting text edits that most humans would accept.


Hi @NianticAaron
Today I’m a bit sad.
I went to helpchat and wanted to start a conversation about removing pictures.
But I can only choose between:

Did I understand you wrong?

Thanks in advance

There’s been times I started a ticket about something and realized I couldn’t get out of it after making a mistake as well

So yeah…the ticket system is a bit archaic

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You can do it by reporting it as abuse, not as an edit in help chat

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I had a similar incident. It had been five days and I guess I could have closed my browser. I just wrote in the box to “either review this ticket or close it so I can submit another”. They closed it and I just resubmitted that particular issue a few days later.

Hi @kawin240
Thanks for your response.
I don’t think that reporting it as abuse is correct. I don’t want to remove the whole spot neither the photos are abuse. They’re only bad, or to old (graffities f.e.).
I show you two examples:

In fact we have at this time no way to remove these photos. Not via edit request nor via helpchat.

With ML approving photo submissions I was disappointed they wouldn’t go to the community for review for this reason. If there are terrible photos then realistically a newer cleaner photo would be approved and any that no longer meet criteria would be removed. Or I assume edits work that way. Would be nice if there was a way to have poor photos removed then. Clear steps in help chat etc.


I absolutly agree. In my opinion it is necessary to have one way. This above are only two examples on the run. And I’m sure that this is not niantics idea for premium spots.

Let us help to help you niantic :heart:

That’s just where the photo reporting option is within the help chat menu

It feels uncomfortable to do it that way, but I gave it a chance and tried it with one of the example above.
Until the last second it feels like reporting abuse.
We will see.

Existing photos do not get removed during the photo review process, even if marked as ineligible by the reviewers.

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Then what is the point of reviewing them?!
We already cant say if a picture is awful, only if it is ineligible. And then if that does nothing anyway, what is even the point?

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Do you know if the voting has any function in this case?

Are these in there just to make reviewers consult the Photo Guidelines subsection?

Do they use them to screen for abuse? Troll for ‘What is it?’ answers?

I suppose this sheds light on how the top challenge reviewers are able to process so many records: they know which content doesn’t merit any scrutiny, know anti-patterns to avoid cool-downs, and mostly vote solely off of the photos (while skipping ‘What is it?’)

There I was, doing reverse-image search, checking for third party photos and text, filling in categories. I wonder if it was a total waste of time, or did I provide some added value to the tiny portion I reviewed?


You only do this to add the other photo.

@Tntnnbltn didn’t say that candidate photo reviews were useless. During photo reviews, you will generally see the existing one (not showing the existing one would lead to struggles with understanding what the wayspot is in the first place imo) and yet unapproved candidate photos on the review page. Your reviews of the candidate photos do very much matter. To my knowledge, the photo review page doesn’t have a “What is it?” section.

They sound pretty useless if nothing gets removed from doing the review, so any bad existing photo would stay, no input on the quality of the image is possible, and the only input you get is to not add an ineligible new image… well, there’s a big gap between ineligible and bad.

Are people just saying things don’t meet criteria when they’re bad? Or approving all the awful pictures because they do meet criteria? I am doing the latter and hate it, but feel I cannot lie and say things are ineligible unless they are.

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Some Wayspots have no original photo. Some have a poor-quality one. Some are good, and some are great.

People may add photos via edits, or by tagging something as a duplicate. Again, these photos may be poor, good, or great.

In Photo Edit review, we may X-out a photo if we believe it does not conform to photo guidelines, or declare that all photos meet the guidelines.

Then what? Do these votes add and remove thumbs-ups from candidate photos? Can they supply a photo for an image-less location? Do they exclude the Exxed-out ones from the in-game thumbs-up pool?

What process DOES get rid of non-compliant original photos? Must they be reported as abuse?

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I fear this is yet another situation where clarity and communication is so severely lacking that it causes major issues. If we don’t know how these things are supposed to work or what the desired outcomes are, how can we be expected to know how to operate the systems properly?

I really do hope that messaging and transparency improve as has been promised, it has been a long time coming and causes far more frustration and mistrust that is ever necessary. Such easy fixes if someone just has the decency to explain things clearly.

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