Email with a warning - and a apology

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I receive a mail yesterday with a warning - about a fully legal wayspot on a public playground - an then followed by an email with an apology.

I don’t understand why submitting this playground is abuse


So, the first email they sent was to say you received a warning, but then they rescinded that warning after looking into the matter further. Both emails are educational emails to help you better understand Wayspot criteria so you can improve on your submissions in the future. Yes, they aren’t worded the best, but this is not unusual for Niantic.

Looking at this submission, it doesn’t appear to be a permanent playground, just a temporary trampoline that can be put up and taken down at anytime. Wayspot submissions must be permanent physical, tangible, and identifiable places or objects, or objects that placemarks an area. A trampoline that can be removed at anytime is not permanent, and it doesn’t placemark the area.

Now, the small building looks like it could meet criteria, as it appears to be more permanent, and a possible play structure for children in the area. I can’t say for sure though, as I don’t know where it’s located or the description and supporring info you provided. Feel free to share a screenshot of both of these, and we will be better able to determine if it’s still eligible.

Lastly, you may want to review the Wayspot criteria, to make sure you are submitting nominations and edits that do meet criteria.

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The small house is a playhouse, that is just as permanent as other playground-equipment.

I can not see why a wayspot that was accepted two years ago suddently is a problem.

I have submitted many good wayspots and edits, at got most of them accepted - so I am fully aware of the criterias.

And do I get two email - first one with a warning, an then an appology? - what does that mean.


It’s possible that another user may have saw the photo for the Wayspot, saw how prominent the trampoline is featured, and put in a removal request. It seems at first they may have agreed with the request, but then looking further into the matter, found that the playhouse is permanent and decided to reverse their decision.

It’s only a guess, but maybe the @admins will be able to provide a little more info.

It’s the ‘scaring people with emails like these and then not even having the common decency to explain properly’ for me.

I can certainly vouch for @Sonjaratel and their knowing and abiding to the criteria. I cannot say the same for Niantic and honestly, I think many of us are getting sick of their sh…

It’s not long ago that I read another post here in the forum from someone who received a similar warning, but Niantic does not even have the basic respect or professionalism to be specific. How will people “learn from their mistakes” this way?
It’s disgusting and uncalled for.


I still don’t know why this submitting this playground is abuse.


We shouldn’t have to guess and this does not call for admins to answer, this is something that Niantic needs to clean up. I hope they’ll explain themself. They can’t just do this to people and then leave the confusion to everyone else to sort out. It’s their warn, after all. The least they could and should do is explain in detail. No one learns anything from random unjustified threats.


Niantic: Please review the Wayspot and context shared.
The context shared: This Wayspot does not meet our eligibility criteira.

You can’t make this sh… up.

If you have a problem with the Wayspot, Niantic, just remove it? What’s with the clownery?


Finally got an explanation
But - I can’t see that this is a private playground.
It is placed between apartment buildings, together with other playgrounds - there are no signs or anything stating that this particular one is private.
And even if I - by accident - submitted someting on private ground, how can that be enough to acuse me for abusing?
(I think a lot of submitters would be abusers then, with the stuff I see in Wayfarer)

I am only trying to help my community by submitting wayspots - trying to make good wayspots, but I don’t think I dare to submit more after this warning


Ok - so they did not acuse me for abusing - is was not really clear to me after the first two mails .
Those mails were both sent as a reply of something unknown - at first I thought it was spam-mails.
Their communication really could be better and clearer!


Isn’t it also lovely how they lay the blame entirely with the submitter and not with the reviewers that let this “ineligible” wayspot get accepted in the first place? Is it not their job to filter out the ineligible ones?


Reviewers are punished too. May be not as often but they are definitely punished. We have seen examples of that on the community itself.

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The admins are the Niantic staff, BTW.

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Maybe the playground already had a Wayspot?

Maybe Niantic staff mistook the playhouse as a maintenance shed?

Maybe in the 2 years since it was nominated, the equipment shown was removed, so someone reported the Wayspot as no being there?


It was PRP apparently as per the message.

After the ‘educational email’ all my nominations went into ‘Niantic woting’ .
35 nominations - most of them edits - titel-edits, that you need to understand danish to review.
Today I got an email on each of them saying ‘rejected’ - with ‘Other Rejection Criteria’ - and asking me to re-read criterias and kearn from it!?
How can I learn from that? :rage:

Yeah, if you submit things that they think are questionable, they perform a thorough investigation of all your other unresolved submissions, which usually ends in most, if not all, getting rejected.

That makes no sense though. “A thorough investigation”? This is not what happened here, clearly. The least they could do was actually REVIEW these submissions, you know, human-style.
So sick of the bot…

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They don’t have to if they detect abuse.

Detect abuse? What about this is abuse? Could it be that maybe Niantic were the ones mistaken? It wouldn’t exactly be the first time they’d rejected something without even glancing at it!!

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