Error resulting in multiple edit submissions - what do?

So about two months ago I suggested an edit to a waypoint description. Something went wrong in the app so I tried again, and a couple more times. I didn’t think more of it back then, but now when I look in my contributions I see that it was submitted twelve (12) times!

Is there something I can do to remove the extra ones? It was unintentional and I really don’t want to catch any flak for this since the app just gave me an error.

Grateful for any advice.

Best regards.

Only one edit will show up for people during reviewing. It automatically filters out dupicates. When the edit reaches resolution, the duplicates will be automatically rejected. No need to worry, the system is set up for this kind of issue.

Oh good. Thanks for the information.

@Returnip01 they have just added the ability to withdraw the “in queue” ones from your contributions page. Sometimes just posting here will get Niantic to go ahead and reject the extra “in voting” ones.

for example @NianticOren took care of this one.