Got accepted but not in game

I had a poke stop accepted but it never got added. I could never figure out when it was gonna be added why is that??

It is probably in the same level 17 s2 cell as an existing pokething.

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Here is a good explanation of S2 cells and how Niantic uses them for Pokemon Go:

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The prompts tell you that you are submitting a Pokestop, but you are actually submitting a Wayspot to the Lightship database. People have figured out that the inclusion rules for Pokemon Go require the Wayspot to be alone in an L17 S2 cell for it to go live in that game. Niantic has never stated that anywhere to my knowledge. We have complained about the confusing wording in the prompts for years.


Welcome @rejuvnate

The likely answer is that although accepted as a wayspot it hasn’t been selected by Pokémon Go because of their rules as mentioned above.
I appreciate this is frustrating.
If you can provide the wayspot titles and locations we can check.

Your nomination is in the same level 17 s2 cell as “Falcon Point Park”.

Here is what I can see in Ingress (this is iitc with a pogotools overlay) and shows the other portal* in the L17 cell. It looks like the playground pin was misplaced, so If you edit that, your Wayspot should show in Pokemon Go. But then the playground would share an L17 cell with the gazebo(which was also misplaced), so you would lose the playground Pokestop.

*I said “portal” here because iitc only shows portals, not all Wayspots.


Is their better details on explaining it like can the circles not overlap

In order to show up in Ingress the circles can’t overlap so it is a proximity rule. But for Pokémon Go, it appears to be cells that determine the density of stop/gyms in the game.

there are two different circles in that screenshot. the yellow circle around the selected portal indicates the 40 meter interaction distance for ingress, there’s an option in the Pogo tools plug in that changes that yellow circle to the 80 meter interaction distance for that game.

The gray shaded circles around all three portals are the 20 m exclusion radius that determined whether anyway spot will enter ingress. two of these circles can overlap but a new way spot will not appear in ingress if it is inside of the circle of another. none of this matters for pokémon Go though, for that game the only thing that matters is the L17 S2 grid cell, each of which can have only one PokeStop


Oh that’s how I get the big circle - click “This is pogo!” I never have that on.