Heritage Sites

Hi I am not sure If Heritage sites are a thing across the world, but they are Quite Important in South Africa. The Rejection Email Said “Our Team” So if I understand correctly that is The Bots that rejected it?

I see my Links did not copy through but if you press on the name link it sure does pop up. There is no Plaque or Info Board along the route thus I took the photo of the Wonder itself.

Is there anything else I should’ve Done.

Here are the Links that didn’t copy


Personally I like this submission. It seems to me to be a good place to explore.

It looks like the AI rejected it since you got the “wayfarer criteria” rejection reason which seems to only come from the AI. We have noticed the AI doesn’t like very green pictures and tends to reject them

I know people are going to say “it would be better if there was a sign” to submit. I’m sure if there was a sign, you’d have submitted that already.

I would say you could try to appeal, and give the web link youve shared above. Probably expect another rejection though, the appeals team seem to be 50/50 on actually reading the appeal text.


It took me about 6 attempts over 18 months to get this through including being told on here that I’m submitting generic street signs.

I’m not sure reviewers have become more accepting of a submission similar to yours yet though.

You might be in for a few attempts of constantly tweaking your text and pictures.

Good :crossed_fingers:


I found this on Wikipedia: “ Oak Avenue, c. 1910
The Potchefstroom town council decided to plant an oak lane in 1910. The 6.84-kilometre (4.25 mi) lane stretches from the Agricultural Centre to the Lakeside Resort. The streets are Chris Hani Drive, Kock Street, Dr. Wolmarans Street, Beyers Naudé Avenue, Retief Street and Peter Mokaba, Steve Biko and Calderbank Avenues. The site was declared a monument in 1977[18] (Item 27304 in SAHRA registry), and a stone beacon with bronze plaque for the lane was erected at the corner of Lombard and Kruger Street.”

Is the bronz plaque still there? If so, that might be the best place to locate the POI.

Hi No That Plaque Has since been removed. I went to the location and this is all I found

The names of the Streets has changed since the 1900’s Lombaard and Kruger Streets are now know Beyers Naude and Peter Mokaba. Since the construction of the plaque a new High School and Sport Ground has been Built at that specific location and therefore the Plaque has not been properly maintained.

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You do generally need some definite point to anchor a wayspot to - signs are obviously a good one.

But I’m confused - the submission says “Oak Avenue” but the maps says “Steve Biko Street”. The location on the map does not see to match the main photo…

I see what you mean. The Location I put up after I got home to submit it. The Second Photo Matches the Pin. The First Photo is at the Other end. Just looked at the Photo GPS and apparently it was the wrong one haha. Steve Biko is the Official Name of one of the streets the Route goes through. Oak Avenue is what the Heritage Site Is called because of it being an avenue full of an oak canopy. It runs Through 7 different Street Names as provided by the article. Ill try to find a Concrete Point Before Resubmitting