How long is it normal for an approved pokestop to appear on the pokemon go map?

I have a contribution approved 7 months ago and I still don’t see it on the map, is this normal? because for other contributions it has been immediately

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If it meets requirements to show up in the game you play, it will show up within 48 hours as it says in the email you get with acceptance. If it has been this long, it will likely not show up.

If you play Pokemon Go, google “Pokemon Go and S2 cells” to learn about those. If you play Ingress, there is a 20m spacing rule. idk about rules for other games.

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If you feel comfortable giving us the GPS coordinates, we can help you figure out why it never showed up.

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I use a map which shows me the S2 cells so that I know whether or not a pokestop will go into game or not if my POI is accepted. This saves me disappointment in advance!


I have tried viewing S2 cells on the ingress map but I don’t have the necessary plugin/extension/whatever. Is there another map?

I don’t know if I can share what map I use because I believe there’s a paid for option with it that allows for additional help with the game like knowing where to find grunts, etc. I just use it because I can put the grid on and basically it will show me if there is a pokestop already there.

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There is an IITC plugin that will show those.

I believe this still works

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Thanks. I have hesitated to load anything on my computer (I telecommute, and limiting wayfarer activity to my phone means I’m less likely to let it interfere with my day job, lol) so I’m glad to have a version of this for iOS. But I can’t figure out how to display the s2 cells. Any advice?

the doctor gave you the link to the tool that will show s2 cells. if you need help, there are lots of folks who are good at walking people through this stuff on the Wayfarer Discussion Discord. they have an invite posted at if you want to join.

Yes, I just thanked them for the link. But I’ve downloaded and played with the tool for a half hour and it has dozens of settings and most are couched in terms of Ingress, which I do not play. I haven’t found one yet that mentions s2 cells. I found the word cell in one but it gave an error. I guess I’ll have to live without it if nobody here can name the right setting.

For Go I just have this. You can pretty much ignore everything else :slight_smile:

Under Layer chooser at the top right

Click on the the name of a Wayspot at the bottom for this

Then Pogo settings to change colour, cell size etc

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You might have to do three dots/plugins/layer

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Wow, thanks! I finally have it working. It turns out iPhone users have to load yet another app, TestFlight, to allow us to “beta-test” IITC-CE. Or at least I think that’s what finally made it work for me. Now to explore! Thanks so much for your help. Really glad to have this on my phone.


Ah…I didn’t realise ios was different.

No worries, you’re welcome. Although Neville Blenheim the owner/author/host deserves the praise :slight_smile:

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Yes, indeed! Many heartfelt thanks to Neville Blenheim! (Somehow more satisfying than “thanks to Unavailable!”)

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What happens if/when Ingress and the Wayfarer app close down?

I suspect we would generate less accurate local maps of pokethings and cells. Since Niantic has never officially explained Pokémon Go map inclusion rules it would come down to crowd sourcing their observations.

(-36.9273542, -73.0288227)

I’m not sure which of the two you submitted, but the red icon is the plaza and the blue icon is the church.

The Level 17 S2 Cell is that parallelogram shape. You can see that both wayspots are within that Level 17 S2 Cell, and Pokémon Go has a limit of one Pokéstop or Gym per Level 17 S2 Cell, so only one of them is able to appear in game.

Whichever wayspot you submitted can also not appear in Ingress, as it’s within 20 metres of the older wayspot which is already a Portal in Ingress (this is shown by the red circle around the icons). It is still in the database though and may be used in other games.