How many Voters?

Just out of curiosity. How Many Peoples votes does it take to Accept or Reject a Wayspot? We have a Nomination in our community school that I rejected due to obvious reasons. My Friend just reached 37 and I showed him the ropes and it is still there after more than 2 months.

So how many votes will it take for a new Nomination to reach descision stage?

No one knows.
It is information that the Wayfarer Team keeps confidential as it would be Something that those wanting to act maliciously would use to the detriment of the database.
If you are in an area that is slow to resolve you just have to wait. If something is in a school it should be rejected. If for some reason it gets accepted you can act promptly and report it as it is something that meets removal criteria.

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Awesome thanks. That makes sense actually I can imagine people cheating Wayspots like that. Do I report it here if it is accepted or through the game?

You can report ingame :sunglasses: